Trump lashes out at California's homeless, one in four teens are acting on climate change, and other headlines


Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson says Avista overcharged its customers, and now it's time to pay up. GIVE ME MY $40, SCOTT!

TECH: Facebook is broadening its scope of what it considers terrorism in an effort to target extremism. More from the New York Times, here.


click to enlarge Remnants of a homeless encampment in L.A. - ECO BEAR BIOHAZARD CLEANING COMPANY/FLICKR
Eco Bear Biohazard Cleaning Company/Flickr
Remnants of a homeless encampment in L.A.
Punching down
President Trump took a swipe at California's homeless population, saying that they are hurting the "prestige" of the cities like San Francisco and L.A. (Washington Post)

Single in Spokane?
Look elsewhere, a new report says. (KREM)

Fear of change
Most teens in America are frightened by climate change, and one in four of them are doing something about it. (Washington Post)

Israeli a close call
Israel's latest election is too close to call. If elected, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the country's longest-serving PM, has pledged to annex more territory in the occupied West Bank. (BBC)

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