Tuesday on Friday

Late Tuesday play the Blvd.

Three young women with guitars, keyboards and vocals -- think you've got it pegged, don't you? You might, lad, but be aware: the Bellingham-based trio known as Late Tuesday delights in messing with pre-conceived notions. So unless you don't mind a little crow with that beer, you should check your biases and your attitude at the door this Friday night as Late Tuesday teams up with that Seattle-Spokane amalgam, the Side Project, to whip up some disarmingly beautiful live music at the Blvd.

Late Tuesday -- Dana Little (vocals, keys), Tara Ward (vocals, guitar, keys) and Jocelyn Feil {vocals, guitar) -- takes the concept of coffee shop folk and turns it, if not on its ear, then certainly around and around until it gets dizzy. Influences like Aimee Mann and Sarah McLachlan bubble up into arrangements that feature complex vocal harmonies and rich keyboard textures.

The band's third album since forming in 2000 is called Remember We Forget, a gentle, introspective collection that examines relationships with both humans and Creator ("23" is almost a direct recitation of the 23rd Psalm).

Also performing are the Side Project, a former Spokane-based band whose members -- Suzie Anderson (vocals, piano) and Parker Moosman (keyboards), Ben Bradford (bass) and Inlander contributor Clint Burgess (guitar) -- recently all but moved to Seattle. Here to prove that long-distance relationships in rock can work, this versatile combo will likely have a few surprises up their collective sleeve as well.

The Side Project, Late Tuesday play the Blvd. on Friday, April 22, at 9 pm. Cover: $6. Call 455-7826.

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