Tuesday's primary elections results are in, and other headlines

ELECTION: Tuesday was the primary election and, naturally, things are out of hand. Competition between congressional candidates Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Lisa Brown is looking to get interesting. The latest results show McMorris Rodgers leading in the primary with just a slight edge.

Parse the election data yourself on the secretary of state’s


MORE ELECTION: Among the primary candidates, Jered Bonneau had hoped to receive an endorsement from Republican state Rep. Matt Shea. The two hold similar viewpoints, after all. Instead, Shea sided with the establishment GOP. Daniel Walters details some of the swirling allegiances among Eastern Washington’s conservative leaders.


Time to get riled up

After Tuesday’s special elections and primaries, Vox declared Donald Trump a “winner.” But, hey now, there’s something for everyone. Michigan’s Democratic women also had a big night, and so did Ohio congressional candidate Danny O’Connor. (Vox)

Siren song

An analysis from the Spokesman-Review says the Tuesday night elections should be cause for concern among Republicans. But Dems shouldn't get too cocky:

"Tuesday’s election results are not proof of a blue tsunami about to wash over the electorate. But the siren is blowing, and Republicans would be wise not to assume it won’t, just as Democrats can’t be confident that it will." (Spokesman-Review)

Deep red… or is that magenta?

In the Washington Legislature, Democrats could potentially take four Senate seats, the Seattle Times reports. Initial results showed Democrats leading Republicans in deep red districts (including in Spokane’s). (Seattle Times)

Note the nuance

Everyone look at Ohio. Even if Democrats lose the special election for the state’s 6th District, the fact that they even came close says quite a bit. (Washington Post)

The Mendocino fire was declared the largest in California's history yesterday. Here are photos. (NPR)

In defense of the devil's advocate

Twitter won't suspend InfoWars star Alex Jones' account. (Washington Post)

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