by Leah Sottile, Mike Corrigan and Sheri Boggs

Venues open Friday, Oct. 1, from 5-9 pm and Saturday, Oct. 2, from 10 am-6 pm, unless otherwise noted. Numbered venues can be found on the handy map on page 19 of the printed product now available on newsstands. Venues are listed alphabetically.

1. AIA Spokane

335 W. Sprague * 747-5498

Step away from the norm of thick acrylics on canvas and framed watercolors and check out something a little more modern. The AIA (American Institute of Architects) will display panels featuring this year's design awards and entries in the high school design competition.

2. The Artist's Tree

828 W. Sprague * 456-2300

As a relative newbie to the local arts scene, the Artist's Tree will jump in with metal leaf and acrylic on canvas works by Gretchen Wilson-Paukert, watercolors by Mercia Sheets and the work of local glass and ceramic artists. Through Oct. 31.

3. Avenue West gallery

1021 W. First Ave. * 838-4999

They're eating solid foods and transitioning to Pull-Ups -- that's right, Avenue West Gallery is one-year old (awww!). They're celebrating with a collaborative exhibit with works by Cheryl Halverson, Linda Lowry, Marilyn Matherly, Patti Osebold, Kyle Patterson, Nadine Kay, Darrell Sullens, Beth Viren, Keiko Von Holt, Olivia Watterman, Charlotte Yocum and Dian Zahner. Feather with Fiddlin' Big Al will perform.

4. Caterina Winery

905 N. Washington St. * 328-5069

He's been known to paint on found objects, which begins to explain some of Dean Reiner's unique style. And with a title like "Untitled & amp; Unexpected," who knows what to expect? His oil paintings will be featured at this stop on the VAT. Live music on Friday night by Fingerpainting starts at 7 pm. Through Oct. 31.

5. Chase Gallery

Spokane City Hall, 808 W. Spokane Falls Blvd. (use Post Street entrance) * 625-6050

Art is a stethoscope on the soul. Globs of lusty violets and vermilions are mirror images of the artist's passion, pain and inner pandemics. And since all of that can be a little serious at times, this exhibit is just the opposite. Terri Cody, Tricia Florence, Rhea Giffin, Marty Johnson, L. Kelly Lyles, Mason McCuddin, Fran Palkovic, Tom Quinn, Patty Sgrecci, Jason Wech and Dick Warwick present art that's easy on the eyes -- and occasionally hilarious in "Just for Fun."

Colburn's 811 Gallery

811 E. Sprague * 838-8412

(not on the map on page 19)

Nestled among trees and mountains, fields and rivers -- Spokane is a hotbed for natural inspiration. In a series of pieces motivated by the beauty of Five Mile, Judy Patterson presents her stitched paintings, botanical watercolors and border designs. And to add to the diversity of this exhibit, Marcella Rose will display her ceramic creations. Through Nov. 3.

6. ComedySportz

227 W. Riverside * 363-1279

Comedy? Thought it was a visual arts tour? Watching the improv nuts act, ad-libbing as they go along and treating the stage like a playing field -- well, that's a pretty funny thing to look at. Our local ComedySportz players consider comedy to be a sport, and they'll be performing Friday night at 8 pm. Be one of the first 15 people to sign their guest list from 5-6 pm, and get free tickets to the show!

Corbin Art Center

507 W. Seventh Ave. * 625-6677

(not on the map on page 19)

Cracking open a found box of historic photographs, randomly discovered in 1998, must have been exhilarating. And now, because of their rich historic content, they're on display for this year's VAT. The images displayed focus on the historic Corbin and Moore-Turner Heritage Gardens that once graced the hillsides near the Corbin House. Through Nov. 18.

The Creighton Gallery

E. 714 Sprague Ave. * 747-6174

(not on the map on page 19)

Don't be put off by the east-of-downtown location -- the Creighton Gallery, as well as Colburn's, are located a quick hop-skip-jump from downtown. Sandy Roistacher will present her ceramic art, and refreshments will be readily available. Through Oct. 31.

7. Dean Davis Studio

216 W. Pacific Ave., Suite 102 * 456-8799

From the name alone -- "France, Flora, Fish, F-Stops" -- it's pretty clear that this exhibit is throwing a variety of media our way. But it's in no way just a bunch of F-words. Gordon Wilson will display "plein air" oil paintings completed in France. Sheila Evans presents rich, thick pastels of bold flowers. Rich Greinert displays his award-winning fish sculptures, and gallery owner Dean Davis presents his photography. See? The name makes perfect sense. Through Nov. 5.

8. Douglas Gallery

8 N. Post St. * 624-4179

Even with their infinite paintings of Botticelli-esque women -- those robust females sprawled on couches, curls perfectly placed and lips parted -- classical artists could hardly make us sick of the female form. Alex Khomsky pays homage to women and those artists who have come before him with acrylic and oil paintings.

Estudio Felisa

612 W. Garland Ave. * 953-3312

(not on the map on page 19)

There are some people around town who really want to see Spokane's arts scene thrive, and Felisa Carranza is one of them. She's been active around town, from hosting First Night interactive art exhibits to displaying her own work. Spanish-born Carranza will present mixed-media works, "The Secret Figure Drawings," for the VAT.

9. Far West Billiards

1001 W. First Ave. * 455-3429

Look past the beer goggles, guys, and there's some great art on the walls at Spokane's favorite pool hall. In the past year, they've displayed everything from gloopy paintings to historical photos of the candlelight vigil held for Kurt Cobain 10 years ago. For the VAT, it's "Dark Highway, Exhibit 1" -- paintings by Richard Duggan, Patrick O., Gordon Koehler, Dean Reiner and Trista Dalton for this arts event. Through Nov. 1.

10. The Flour Mill

621 W. Mallon Ave. * 327-6920

The Flour Mill is a hot spot on this year's Visual Arts Tour, literally. Denny Young will lead a "Big Bad Stinky Raku Firing" in the parking lot on Friday evening. Local artists will showcase art with a fall theme in a variety of media in the Flour Mill Gallery, and more than 20 artists will display their work upstairs in the Pottery Place Plus Gallery. Through Oct. 31.

11. The Fox Arts Festival

1005 W. Sprague * 362-4039

It's fitting that one of Spokane's historical arts havens should have the coolest lineup for the all-encompassing arts tour. On the visual arts side, Patti Reiko Osebold's Japanese paper dolls, Nadine Kay's watercolors, David Milligan and Karen Harwood's oils, Kyle Patterson's ceramics and Charlotte Yocum's lampshades will all be on display. Ballet Spokane and the Spokane Opera will perform, as well as more rocking performances by Annie O'Neill and Melody Moore. Friday only.

12. The Freeman Center

Second Ave. and Lincoln St. * 624-4151

There's a lot going on at the Freeman Center on the purely artistic side of things. Peters and Sons Flowers will display Steve Belzman's paintings, as well as the Reprise '04 display. The exhibit highlights the mixed-media sculptures of Margot Casstevens and pieces by Kurt Madison. The Grand Ronde Wine Cellar will present live demonstrations throughout the weekend by Susie Snider (pastel), Betty Eaton-Rhea (watercolor/oil) and Shirley Hackett. Through Oct. 31.

13. Galleria De Felice

10 S. Post St. in the Davenport Hotel * 624-2800

The gallery will be showing original works in oil and in bronze by regional artists Melville Holmes (the Davenport Hotel's own "artist in residence") and Kathleen Hooks, along with those by Linda Lindsay and landscape master Ovanes Berberian.

14. The Gallery at Joel

165 S. Post St. * 624-2354

Contemporary works by Angelica De Chardin will be featured at the Gallery at Joel (located on the second floor), accompanied by live piano music and a wine tasting on Friday night.

15. Gellhorn Gallery

174 S. Howard (Interplayers) * 624-8566

A sampling of fine contemporary crafts and photographic works from Inland Crafts artists, including offerings from several artists new to Inland Crafts. Consider it a sneak preview for the big Inland Craft weekend in early November. Friday only.

16. Gestalt Studio

114 W. Pacific Ave. * 363-1900

On display at Gestalt Studio will be an intriguing mix of media and vastly divergent styles from two artists. Susan Kim's works in glass are featured, along with large-scale, pop culture-themed graphic prints by John Rankin. Live acoustic music provided courtesy of local blues-rock band, the Longnecks.

17. Good Works Gallery

1019 W. First * 462-3643

On display at Good Works (a fine crafts gallery featuring the work of regional artists in handcrafted jewelry, ceramics, glass, sculpture and textile weavings) are mixed-media, fixed and kinetic sculptures by Patty Sgrecci. Through Oct. 30.

18. Hilson Gallery

610 W. Second * 218-1488

Featuring acrylic paintings and three-dimensional glass works (including hand-painted glass vessels and flat pieces) by local artist Sandra Dee Hilson. With live music provided by local pianist Michael Gray. VAT hours: Friday 10 am-5 pm; Saturday 11 am-4 pm with reception at noon.

19. House of Charity

32 W. Pacific Ave. * 358-4272

The House of Charity and Center for Organizational Reform (COR) presents artwork from members of the Homeless Artists & amp; Writers' Coalition. Also featuring guest artists, live music, costumes and donations from the community, including prints from the Jundt Art Museum. Friday only.

20. Huneke Gallery

at Spokane Art School

920 N. Howard * 328-0900

See works in a variety of media and styles by more than 40 artists who contribute their talents as members of the Spokane Art School faculty. Most participating artists will be at the reception.

21. Janie's Art

and Flower Bucket

809 N. Washington St. * 468-0860

Featuring watercolor, oil, pastel, cards, stained glass, pottery, quilts and hats by artists exhibiting at Janie's Art and Flower Bucket, in the Spokane MarketPlace just north of Riverfront Park. Dan Sanford reception Saturday noon-2 pm.

The Jundt

at Gonzaga University

502 E. Boone * 323-6611

(not on the map on page 19)

"Drawn to the Wall II" features works ranging from charcoal, pastel and graphite to images rendered in tiny bits of layout tape. It's all up on the large, moveable gallery walls by five Spokane artists: Jeanette Kirishian, Scott Kolbo, Allie Kurtz Vogt, Kay O'Rourke and Brad Skubinna. Through Oct. 9.

The other show on display is "From the Garden to the Table," featuring flower, fruit, vegetable and landscaped garden imagery selected from the permanent collection. Through Oct. 30.

Koehler Gallery

at Whitworth College

300 W. Hawthorne Rd., Fine Arts Building * 777-4711

(not on the map on page 19)

Whitworth College presents paintings, drawings, printmaking, ceramics and sculpture from their permanent collection. Artists include Edward Kienholz, Robert Motherwell, Alden Mason, Kenneth Callahan and Sydney Lawrence. Also, Whitworth celebrates the grand opening of Weyerhaeuser Hall on Saturday, Oct. 2 at 10:30 am. Saturday only.

22. Kolva-Sullivan Gallery and Red Sky Gallery

115 S. Adams St. * 458-5517

The annual Archie Bray Residents show at the Kolva-Sullivan Gallery highlights the current residents of the Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts in Helena, Mont. Red Sky Gallery features regional and national ceramic artists. Free ceramic workshop with current Archie Bray residents Liz Zacher and Curtis Stewardson on Saturday from 10 am-4 pm at Red Sky Studio & amp; Gallery. Call 462-5653 for information on the workshop. Through Oct. 31.

23. Lorinda Knight Gallery

523 W. Sprague Ave. * 838-3740

On display will be a collection of conceptual pieces by Byron Clercx, sculpted from and inspired by books. Whether chopped, laminated and glued to plywood or bound to antique wooden sleds with wire, twine and steel wool, these pieces by Clercx, a professor at the University of Idaho, challenge ideas of meaning and subtext. Gallery talk is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 2 at 11 am. Through Oct. 30.

24. The Masonic Temple

1108 W. Riverside Ave. * 276-2841

Spokane artist James Dhillon will be exhibiting a wide assortment of oil, acrylic and mixed-media paintings, entitled "Abstract Surrealism with Minimalistic Tendencies." The works will be on the 1st and 2nd floors and in the 4th floor elevator lobby area. Through Oct. 25.

25. Pacific Flyway Gallery

313 E. Sprague Ave. * 747-0812

The Pacific Flyway is a migratory route that extends from Alaska all the way south of Baja, Calif. But you won't have nearly as far to go to reach the appropriately named art and framing shop just east of Division on Sprague. Award-winning wood artisans Kevin Shibel, Jerry Poindexter, Richard Greinert and Bill Carlson exhibit intarsia, carvings and scroll work in this exhibit at Pacific Flyway Gallery & amp; Framing. Live music Friday by Kevin Schibel. Through Oct. 30.

Pigseye Gallery

2517 W. Broadway Ave. * 328-5441

(not on the map on page 19)

Omer Howard's work has been described as a cross between Miro and the Impressionists. In fact, these abstract oils and pastels might even be downright "trippy." Come see for yourself (and also check out the work by co-exhibitor Tracy Truesdell Hume) at the studio of Omer Howard.

26. Railside Arts Alley

S. 122 Monroe St. * 838-1614

It's by far the best alley in all of Spokane, and we've spent many a night there viewing art, talking to friends and enjoying the burbling music of the pigeons. A free outdoor celebration of art and music takes place in the alley on Saturday, Oct. 2 -- an alcohol-free, all-ages concert sponsored by the Spike Coffeehouse in cooperation with the Downtown Spokane Partnership. The event features a show by Jonny Rugan called "Exterior Wall Hangings." Music includes Mylestone (1:30 pm), the Federales (2:30 pm), Everything Beautiful (3:45 pm), Mang (5 pm) and the Mechanical Dolls (6:15 pm). Saturday only.

27. River Park Square

808 W. Main Ave. * 363-5318

Up the ramp behind the Atrium Cafes on Level 3 of River Park Square, you will find the Kress Gallery currently featuring a range of landscape paintings created from the mid-'80s to the present by Spokane painter Charles W. Palmer. Artist reception with Palmer is on Friday from 5-8 pm. Through Nov. 25.

And next door in the Atrium Cafes on 3, there are two other shows. Ginger Reddington celebrates all manner of manly machinery in "T 'n T (Trucks and Tractors)." In bold acrylics, she depicts everything from the dusty black of gigantic tires to boxy cabs and the gleaming musculature of fenders and hoods. We brake for art! And the Spokane Camera Club, which was founded in 1932 and today boasts more than 100 members, will be showing a dizzying range of work in B & amp;W, color, nature, portraiture, architecture shots and more.

And on the main floor atrium, you can check out some "before" and "after" artwork by students of the Monart Drawing School, which teaches everyone from preschoolers to grown-ups. This show features works in chalk pastel, oil pastel, watercolor, pen and graphite.

There's live music, too, by Canned Music with Linda Parman from 6-8 pm at the Atrium Cafes on 3.

28. Sculpture Gallery

211 N. Wall St. in Old City Hall, Suite 211 * 838-1916

The Sculpture Gallery presents the Art Impressions Collection of Limited Edition African-American Sculptures, a series of mixed-media sculptures. The Sculpture Gallery also carries an astonishing selection of high-end sculpture reproductions, should your home be crying out for its very own foyer Pieta. Live music Friday with Sharma Daniels on flute and vocals.

29. The Spike Coffee House

122 S. Monroe St. * 838-1614

Oil, acrylic and enamel on canvas, cardboard and whatever you can hang on a wall by Jonny "the-X" Rugan. Through Oct. 31. Live acoustic show Friday night at 8 pm featuring the Mechanical Dolls from Olympia in the Spike underground. Be there.

Studio 901

901 W. Garland Ave. * 325-5080

(not on the map on page 19)

Sometimes playful, sometimes haunting, these mixed-media box constructions by Spokane artist Dan McCann are a good match for the intimate size and scale of Studio 901. While you're there, grab some fancy smokes and check out their fine sampling of indie pop. Through Nov. 14.

Tinman Artworks

811 W. Garland Ave. * 325-1500

(not on the map on page 19)

This is the closing reception for Mel McCuddin's exhibit, "The Marks of Time." The venerable artist exhibits more than 25 smaller canvases and will be present for the reception. Live music by Don Thompson and company. Through Oct. 2.

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