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Vital Remains, Necronomicon, The Kennedy Veil, Rutah

Most recently in the news for taking down a crucifix during a show at an Orlando, Florida, club and proceeding to lead a chant of “F--- Jesus!”, Vital Remains is… well, they’re something. This death metal band from Providence, Rhode Island, has been building their brand since 1988 on the defiling of Christianity, with song titles like “Dechristianize” and “Where is Your God Now.” All that said, Vital Remains’ disturbing lyrics (if you can understand them) remind us of the American liberties of freedom of speech, expression and religion. Shocking listeners to the very core with neck-thrashing drumbeats and driving guitar riffs, these guys would bring a young Ozzy Osbourne to tears. And in contrast to bands like GWAR and Slipknot, Vital Remains doesn’t need costumes or masks to scare the absolute shit out of listeners. Now, after listening to them, excuse me while I head to the local church to say a couple of hundred “Hail Marys.”

— Max Carter