by Leah Sottile


Get Crafty: Hip Home Ec by Jean Railla (Broadway Books)

If you could distill all the elements of the domestic revolution into one book, this would be it. Railla shares her thoughts on feminism, divulges the details of her misspent youth and eventual conversion to craftiness and most important, her friend Laura's mouthwatering Limoncello recipe.

Stitch 'n Bitch: The Knitter's Handbook by Deb Stoller (Workman Publishing)

The book that, arguably, takes the cake for jump-starting the new-domesticity movement. Bust magazine editor Deb Stoller takes us through the basics of knitting, explains why you might like to dabble in the ages-old craft and provides great patterns -- from the Ribbed for Her Pleasure Scarf to doggie sweaters.

Stitch 'n Bitch Nation by Deb Stoller (Workman Publishing)

More fun from the ever-hip Stoller - this time with even better knitting recipes. Nation gives us the know-how to make monster slippers, yoga mat bags, Union Jack sweaters, newsboy caps and, of course, the Henry Rollins or Joey Ramone doll.

The Starving Artist's Way by Nava Lubelski (Three Rivers Press)

Lubelski, a true starving artist living in a metropolis much more expensive than the Lilac City, gives pointers to all of us poor folks out there on how to refurb our lives on the cheap - addressing everything from our living spaces to our kitchens, diets and wardrobes. But this book's benefit is twofold: Each "lesson" that Lubelski teaches us is coupled with a small blurb on how a famous or up-and-coming artist actually uses the given project. Neat!


Bitch about your knitting woes, find cool recipes and insight into all things craft, feminist and progressive on Jean Railla's site.

The Post-Punk Kitchen: your guide to eating, drinking and cooking like a vegan punk. Great recipes for gingerbread punks, vegan ice cream, tofu scrambles, chocolate cakes and even good ones for you culinary mongoloids, like simple rice and garbanzo beans.

Get ideas from other craft hipsters - from scarves to shoes and screenprints.

Jenny Hart's site will have you in stitches, especially after you check out her embroidered portraits of professional wrestlers and the White Stripes.

Join the family! No broken kneecaps involved!

The doors are always open, and anyone with a "blinding love of craft" is invited to come on in. Chapters exist in Seattle and Portland, and it's not uncommon for the Seattle members to converge on craft-friendly local bars with entire sewing machines in tow.

Can't remember how to pick up that dropped stitch? Check out's close-up videos as these ladies walk you through the basics -- and the hard stuff that we haven't gotten to yet.

Peppered with "little purls of wisdom," this site will help you through the easiest projects and the toughest stitched challenges. Their difficulty index ranges from "mellow" to "extra spicy."

"Viva la DIY!" boasts this multicultural craft site, with fun projects ranging from candlestick holders to white chocolate skulls.

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