'Warp Riders,' The Sword

The music is obviously good, but on the Sword's new record, so is the story.

The Sword
The Sword

Yes the music is awesome. It’s the Sword, so that isn’t a concern. Warp Riders, the third record from the Austin, Texas, band, is different than the band’s previous albums. More eclectic, less “metal.” But this one isn’t about the music, it’s about the epic tale that lives through it. J.D. Cronise (lyricist, guitarist, vocalist) sets the standard for what a concept album should be here. The planet Acheron — tidal-locked with three blazing suns —is the setting for the story of Ereth, the archer. Banished from his tribe and guided by a mysterious drug-advocating orb and a being known as The Chronomancer (who exists beyond time and space, obviously), Ereth is led across a vast desert landscape.

It’s a story of light and dark that pulls inspiration from the words of Don Juan Matus. Warp Riders is not to be overlooked nor under-heard. Buy it, and buy it on vinyl.

DOWNLOAD: “Tres Brujas”


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