Washington state ends death penalty, children orphaned by drug epidemic and other headlines

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Fall in Spokane

How I made my home-cooking food pictures look less vomit-inducing.

Motopony has canceled their show at the Bartlett.

Local activists are putting on a concert tonight at the Bartlett in order to push people to vote for Initiative 1639.

What happens when you're 7 and you lose your parents to a drug overdose?


The anguish and celebration that follows the end of the death penalty in Washington state. (Spokesman-Review)

13 have died in Hurricane Michael so far. (New York Times)

Sell "high"
Democrats aren't so into Michelle Obama's "They go low, we go high" slogan anymore. (New York Times)

The Audacity of Pope

The pope has accepted the archbishop of Washington D.C.'s resignation. (Washington Post)

First amendment clash

Police officers initially stopped local media outlets from interviewing members of Westboro Baptist Church yesterday. (Spokesman-Review)

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