Washington state is cracking down on certain cannabis candies

Edibles only account for 9 percent of sales, according to the Washington state Liquor and Cannabis Board.
Edibles only account for 9 percent of sales, according to the Washington state Liquor and Cannabis Board.

The Washington state Liquor and Cannabis Board is reviewing the sales of infused candy products statewide, in an effort to decrease products that may appear appealing to children.

The extra efforts are on top of murky language in the original bill that bars goods that appear "especially appealing to children." The rule has been used in the past for not only products sold in stores, but billboards with flashy imagery as well.

The re-evaluation will focus on items that may have decorative sprinkles or frosting or have bright coloring that would catch the eye of children. The board notified producers that they have until April 3 to sell their remaining product and are to halt production after their current batch has been moved.

According to data from the board, edibles account for 9 percent of all recreational sales, with candies being an even smaller percentage of total sales.

The decision to pull candies off the shelves of recreational stores is a huge blow for sweet tooth enthusiasts like myself, who've been enjoying some of the exceptional products made locally. My personal favorite is the line of goodies from Uncle Roaner's Confections.

Their products range from hard candies to taffies with flavors like desserts, fruity options and even root beer. My personal favorite is their strawberry cheesecake taffy, which I use regularly.

For those looking for a consistent edible, which is hard to come by even still, the Roaner's taffy is the move. At 20 milligrams, the subsequent body high is a great addition to a night in after a long day.

Tingling sensations come in waves after 20 minutes to a half hour of dosing, and there is a noticeable drowsiness when well into the high. What may be the greatest part of the candy is that even at 20 milligrams the weed taste is the faintest I've ever had from a commercial edible.

The line of candy is easy to split, too, if you're looking for smaller dosages, which is recommended for those not used to edibles or not necessarily ready to be sedentary for the evening.

Now may be the time to stock up, as it's unclear how long the approval process will take for candies to be reintroduced into the market. ♦

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