We go to Davenport to talk weed with Natural Green budtender Angela Storme

We go to Davenport to talk weed with Natural Green budtender Angela Storme
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Angela Storme

City life is overrated. And sometimes you just have to get the hell out, which is exactly what we did for our latest budtender Q&A.

This go-around, we met with Angela Storme, a 27-year-old budtender in the tiny town of Davenport. When she's not tending bar in downtown Spokane, you might find her DJing under the moniker "Storme." Of course, if she's not doing either of those things, she's probably working the counter at Natural Green (oddly enough, one of two pot shops in Davenport, population 1,700).

In between helping a few customers, she talked to us about rural life, "dabbin' it up" and Davenport's vibrant dating scene.

(The responses below have been edited for length and clarity.)

GZQ: How did you get into budtending?

STORME: I've always been into it. I actually used to grow when [marijuana] was just [medical]. That was one of the things that allowed me to get this job. I was just a little more knowledgeable than the average bear. And I smoke a lot of it. [laughs]

But honestly, who wouldn't want to be a budtender? It's a great job. You just get to, like, sell glorious amounts of weed to people. And try it too! The manager [at Natural Green] is great ... he actually wants you to take it home, taste it, test it, smoke it. In fact, he makes you fill out a product review form before we even get more samples.

What can you say about the clientele in Davenport?

It's really great. I love it here. It's like a little family. You see the same people and they get to know your name.

There's a lot of farmland out here, so a majority of the people who live in this direction manage farmland or they manage livestock ... so it's them and their families. It's like a time capsule. But not in a bad way.

Do you have any favorite products right now?

I really like the live resin dabs by Kush Valley. I've been dabbin' it up lately. I used to chain smoke blunts, and so I feel like it's definitely cleaner. It's definitely more efficient.

But also I've been enjoying edibles as well. I really like the drinks, like the Ray's Lemonade.

What are some other fun facts about yourself?

I'm gay.

Is that different being out in the sticks?

You know, people still don't even know. People are like, 'Oh, where's your fella?'

What's the dating life like out here?

It's terrible. Don't download Tinder if you live out here.

You're a DJ. If you were to make a statement about yourself, what would you play?

I'd probably be playing some GRiZ. Maybe some Opiou, or some Pretty Lights — you know I really like funky glitch-hop — or Manic Focus.

If it's funky, I like it. I'll incorporate that into all my sets. ♦

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