Weed, the People

The spotlight is on all aspects of marijuana at Spokane's King Cannabis Expo

Weed, the People
Tad Hussey is expected to discuss different approaches to growing.

Cannabis takes over the Spokane Convention Center this Friday and Saturday for the second annual King Cannabis Expo. The seed-to-sale event offers experiences for enthusiasts and entrepreneurs alike, with event passes, booths, seminars and access to a networking lounge.

The expo will showcase companies and up-and-coming technology for prospective cannabis businesses, ranging from producing and processing to investment and marketing groups. But what really sets this convention apart is the seminars and guest lectures offered throughout the two days.

Guest speakers at the King Cannabis Expo range from Washington state agricultural labor and pesticide investigators to marketing heads and security counselors. Here are some noteworthy scheduled talks:


Roger Obando (pictured above, right), Baker Technologies' co-founder and chief technology officer, speaks from his background in tech startups and how the cannabis industry could be the next field for major technological and marketing innovation, and Jared Mirsky will relate his experience creating Seattle's Online Marijuana Design, one of the world's largest cannabis branding agencies. The lecture should be a great opportunity for aspiring businesses looking to stand out in a saturated and competitive post-processing market.


There have been a range of repercussions related to the ongoing federal prohibition of cannabis, not only involving the Department of Justice, but also manufacturing. The conflation of hemp with marijuana has resulted in one of the most utilitarian plants on Earth being unavailable to the numerous industries that could take advantage of its fibrous nature. Industrial hemp specialist Joy Beckerman (pictured left) will give a lecture on the plant's importance, and why its legalization is vital in a political climate that claims to care greatly about industry.


As a new pot farm in Washington, there are a lot of things to know. Scott Nielsen, a Washington State Department of Agriculture investigator for pesticide management, explains the regulatory compliance laws for cannabis cultivation and the importance of offering a safe, potent product.

RUSTLING THE RUSSETS (Fri, 11 am; Sat, 10 am)

KIS Organics' Tad Hussey and Sound Horticulture's Alison Kutz will speak to their respective experiences in the world of horticulture, and how growers can achieve a strong yield despite the use of pesticides and natural foes. Hussey will also focus on the difficult balance between natural, organic grows and the fast-paced nature of growing involving hydroponics. ♦

King Cannabis Expo • Sept. 29-30: Fri-Sat, 10 am-7 pm • $70 for a two-day pass/$40 per day • Spokane Convention Center • 334 W. Spokane Falls Blvd. • kingcannabisexpo.com

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