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What marijuana products are customers buying? We asked three local pot shops.

What marijuana products are customers buying? We asked three local pot shops.
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Budtender Nicole Walker at Royals Cannabis.

You need weed. He needs weed. She needs weed. They need weed. WE ALL NEED WEED.

Maybe need is a strong word. But in this gilded age of marijuana consumption, needs and wants are basically the same thing. Do I need to take a rip off a preroll before slathering myself in CBD oil? That's for me to decide.

In this list, we'll help you make some decisions of your own, because let's face it, there are a LOT of products in the legal weed market to choose from. Why risk making a bad decision? Choose those products that are tried and true.

Below, we've compiled some of the bestselling pot products in the local weed market, according to experts from three local pot shops.


Cinder, 927 W. Second Ave.; 6010 N. Division St.; 1421 N. Mullan Rd. (Spokane Valley)

What marijuana products are customers buying? We asked three local pot shops.
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Fairwinds Flow CBD Deep Tissue & Joint Gel, left, and Fairwinds Flow CBD Deep Tissue & Joint Cream.

The legal weed industry has opened up many (too many?) new pathways for getting high today. Do you dab? Do you drink? Do you chew? Do you use a rectal suppository?

Why not stick to the basics and just toke. Nothing beats it, in my opinion.

Keegan McClung, marketing manager for Cinder, tells us that the company's bestselling strains haven't changed much. In 2019, the top strains are some classics: BLUE DREAM, GOD'S GIFT, SUPER LEMON HAZE, DURBIN POISON, GREEN CRACK.

McClung writes to us:

"These are the classic heritage strains that have been written about before Cheech met Chong. They've been burned into the stoner lexicon of the must-try strains, and with good reason, they are all solid starters. Blue Dream and Super Lemon Haze are great for beginners, both being light, fun strains. Green Crack and Durban Poison are great examples of uppity sativas, perfect for people that have things to do. God's Gift is a must-try indica that hits the nail on the head for indica lovers of all kinds. People love to smoke on strains that they've already heard about, and these are great starters for your cannabis journey."


Royals Cannabis, 7115 N. Division St.

You've got baby lungs. It's OK. So do I. The world of edibles has opened up a whole new galaxy of ways to get high, and my lungs have gone soft as a result. Fortunately, this is one of the funnest ways that the cannabis industry has grown.

If you think smoking is yuck, then you're in luck (rhymes!). Royals Cannabis carries everything from marijuana-enhanced ramen noodle flavoring to infused honey.

But the bestselling products, according to Royals budtender Nicole Walker, come from HONU.

"Their COCONUT SNOWBALLS fly out the door," Walker says. "It has a coconut coating on the outside and white chocolate on the inside."

Walker says what's nice about some of Honu's products is that they come in indica and sativa specifically.

Other top sellers from Honu include their CHOCOLATE TURTLES and their PEANUT BUTTER CUPS, which, according to Walker, taste even better than regular Reese's cups. Blasphemy, but I'll allow it.

"Drinkables," are also gaining in popularity with customers, she says.

"I notice a lot in the summer, the drinks sales will go up because it's hot outside. You can get [a] beverage and get a little high out of it too."

Most of the drinks they sell at Royals include a one-to-one ratio of THC and CBD,

"Those are the ones I really like because it's not a super high dosage in there. You get that high but you also get that pain relief. It's really relaxing."

But maybe you've never had an edible. Maybe your marijuana experience is limited to that one time in college. Don't jump straight into a 100 mlligram bottle of marijuana lemonade. Instead, try a CHILL PILL.

"Customers have the option to just come in and get one and see how they feel — especially for people who don't know how it's going to affect their bodies," Walker says.


Satori, 122 S. Monroe St.; 9301 N. Division St.

Painful joints? Aches and pains in your muscles?

If you're no stranger to pain, you might want to consider purchasing a topical for some deep-tissue relief. Everyone's going to have their own preferences for which lotion works best for them, but a lot of people have been flocking to FAIRWINDS FLOW CREAM, says Satori's David Lamoureaux.

Lamoureaux is the medical lead at Satori, and he says that Flow, a relatively new product, has been picking up among customers, as has FLOW GEL, a faster-acting product.

"Anytime somebody has joint issues or anything like that, it seems to be beneficial," he says. "A lot of athletes use it as well. As far as topicals [go], I'd say seniors and athletes are the biggest demographics."

Don't worry about getting high. Flow doesn't carry enough THC for it to have a psychoactive effect on users — unless you are hypersensitive to THC, Lamoureaux says. Having a little THC can help with how well it works, but it doesn't need to alter your state of mind, he says.

It's important to note that, under state law, Lamoureaux can't offer medical advice on marijuana products. These are just his observations as a consumer and expert.

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