When it comes to self-care, consider a nice warm bath with luxurious additives

When it comes to self-care, consider a nice warm bath with luxurious additives
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Colorful bath bombs from BeYoutiful Bath Bombs and More.

Bath products are a bubbling business. And why not? There surely is no better way to nourish your psyche, while promoting glowing skin and relief from aches and pains. That's led to innovation in the bath products business, with more traditional items such as salts, oils and bubbles being joined by ingredients like tea, milk and even flower petals.

So how do you select a beneficial bath product? Consider the ingredients, say local makers. Bath salts, created from magnesium sulfate or sea salt, are commonly used for stress relief, detoxifying and soothing aches and pains. Many essential oils can, with proper dilution in a carrier oil, be added to a bath to improve skin clarity, reduce muscle aches and promote sleep. Adding certain flowers, herbs and even tea to bathwater may help soothe skin and promote relaxation.

"We've heard some wonderful feedback from folks who say that our products definitely make a difference in easing the pain of certain conditions," says Annie Nunes, co-owner of the Lavender Lady, a local maker of lavender oils, soaps and bath salts.

At BeYoutiful Bath Bombs and More, owner Jessica Veselka notes, "All of our company's bath bombs have Epsom salts, which help the body reduce inflammation, stiffness and pain." She says some customers' favorite bath bombs contain other ingredients such as oats, cocoa butter and honey to soothe skin, lavender oil to support sleep or relaxation and eucalyptus oil to relieve congestion.

Meanwhile, Lila McDermid, owner of the Caring Coconut specializes in milk baths, appealing because of milk's ability to exfoliate and moisturize the skin.


Health & Home writer LeAnn Bjerken sampled some local bath products and describes the results...

Jasmine Bath Salts Detox Bath from Lavender Lady
Rating: Terrific Tub Time

This product had a lovely scent, and the salt water was relaxing to soak sore muscles after a long day. While it doesn't have the pizzazz of bubbly or colorful bath products, it is soothing. All of the company's products are made from ingredients grown at the Lavender Lady's owners Annie and Rick Nunes' farm.

Find it: The Victorian Boutique at Lavender Lady farm, 6178 Moriah Dr., Nine Mile Falls 720-4181. Free home and office delivery is available. Also at Siemers Farms in Green Bluff every weekend of October. Check Facebook for seasonal market dates and locations.

Chamomile, Lavender, Coconut Milk and Oat Bath from Caring Coconut
Rating: Blissful Bath

I was pleasantly surprised by this milk bath, which had a gentle exfoliating effect and clean coconut scent. However, I had to be careful not to let the oatmeal clog my drain post-bath!

Owner Lila McDermid says some of the company's products are designed specifically for use by new mothers, but most are enjoyed by anyone. McDermid says the company will be announcing new retail locations soon.

Find it: Huckleberry's and online at caringcoconut.com.

Wildflower Bath Bomb and Blood Orange Scrub from Orange Thyme
Rating: Floral Fantasy

The Wildflower bath bomb created a cloud of suds and petals, and its delightful fragrance easily enabled me to imagine lying in a field of flowers. The Blood Orange sugar scrub was a bit thicker than expected, but left my skin soft with a hint of orange peel scent post-bath.

Find it: Boulevard Mercantile, Auntie's Bookstore, Lucky Flowers in Kennewick.

Peach Nectar Bath Bomb, Primal Rosé All Day Effervescent Bubbling Bath Salts from BeYoutiful Bath Bombs and More
Rating: Sensational Soak

The Peach Nectar bath bomb turned my tub an adorable (and fun!) mermaid-princess green. Later I also tried the Primal Rosé All Day effervescent bubbling bath salts, which created champagne foam bubbles that smelled just like their fruity namesake.

Owner Jessica Veselka says the company hopes to add a pop-up location at the Spokane Valley Mall, and may expand to the Tri-Cities area soon.

Find it: NorthTown Mall, River Park Square.

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