Who to call when it breaks
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Broken Phone and Tablet Screens

It happens. It's agonizing. Your smartphone is laying face down on the floor and you say a quick prayer. But some unlucky times, you are not spared. In those times, CPR CELL PHONE REPAIR (2924 S. Regal St.) SPOKANE iPHONE REPAIR (4805 N. Division St.), and EZ FIX CELL PHONE REPAIR (11305 E. Sprague Ave., Spokane Valley) can usually offer same day service to get your phone repaired. The three stores have pretty similar price ranges, from around $75 to repair an older iPhone screen and up to $400 to fix one of the latest iPhone screens.

Broken Small Appliances

You notice when your espresso machine stops working. So does everyone around you. Take you and yours truly to APPLIANCE PARTS MART (1513 Mullan Rd., Spokane Valley) to get your small appliances fixed. They handle a variety of appliances, from vacuum cleaners, to KitchenAid mixers, to blenders. Depending on the brand, the store should be able to get the parts your appliance needs.

Shoe Repair

Scuffed up your patent leather shoes? ONE STOP SHOE REPAIR (2934 E. 29th Ave.), RESSA'S SHOE SERVICE (20 E. Indiana Ave.) and SAAD'S SHOE SERVICE (4407 N. Division St.) can help you make your shoes look like new. Whether your boots lost their heel, your sandal's strap snapped off, or your leather belt needs a new hole, these stores can get it done in a couple of business days.

Purse/Leather Cleaning

Now that you've got your purse fixed, you can get it all spiffed up for its reintroduction to your regular rotation at SCOLLARD'S CLEANING (223 S. Hatch St.) and at CLARKS CLEANER'S (1419 N. HamiltonSt.). Both cleaning stores have other locations around the city as well.

Furniture Repair

So your dog ate your table leg? ROI'S FURNITURE REFINISH REPAIR (1611 N. Monroe St.) and SHANAHAN & SONS FURNITURE (2206 S. Inland Empire Way) can help repair Fido's pricey snack. And for any upholstery fixes you may need, SURE-FIT SEAT COVERS (1730 W. Broadway Ave.), has got you covered. No seat is too big or too small for them.

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