Woodward claims mayoral victory, Seattle progressives take a blow, and other headlines


click to enlarge Mayor-elect Nadine Woodward on election night. - ERICK DOXEY PHOTO
Erick Doxey photo
Mayor-elect Nadine Woodward on election night.
ELECTION 2019: The results are in! Former TV news anchor Nadine Woodward celebrated a victory over City Council President Ben Stuckart last night at Barrister Winery.  "Alone, we can do so little, but together we can do so much," she told a crowd of supporters.
Meanwhile, the race for City Council president proved to be much tighter with Cindy Wendle leading Councilman Breean Beggs as of our last tally.

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Election 2019 takeaways...
If you were a Democrat in Kentucky and Virginia, Tuesday night was a good night for you. Vox has more takeaways in their winners/losers roundup.

Meanwhile in Seattle
"The Socialist ship is sinking..." the Stranger writes. With a record-breaking amount of Amazon cash dumped into the Seattle elections ($1.5 million), progressives took a blow in Seattle. (Though, it appears they still hold a majority.)

Spoils of war
You can't just take resources from another country — namely oil —as President Trump has suggested. That would be illegal. (Washington Post)

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