WSU heads to Alamo Bowl, Dems seeking to reopen government and other headlines


Take a walk down memory lane. In this week's issue we highlight some of our best photos from 2018.


click to enlarge Washington State quarterback Gardner Minshew II - YOUNG KWAK
Young Kwak
Washington State quarterback Gardner Minshew II
Remember the Alamo!... at 6 pm!
Tonight WSU faces Iowa State in San Antonio.

Wall vs. will

President Trump is threatening to close the U.S.-Mexico border if Congress does not fund his wall. (New York Times)

Unlikely allies
Abandoned by their U.S. allies, Kurdish fighters in Syria are now asking for the Syrian government to protect them from potential Turkish attacks. (New York Times)

Exit strategy
The government shut down has lasted seven days and is bound to last into the new year. But House Democrats could pass something as soon as Jan. 3. (Vox)

Gotta go somewhere
Amid outcry over the city of Spokane's laws against public sitting or sleeping, city officials say that illegal camping is now becoming more widespread. (Spokesman-Review)

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