If you don't already have one, now's the time to go get a grinder.

Grinders make everything easier. From rolling joints to making edibles, fine and consistently ground flower is preferable to solid nugs. Think about every way there is to consume flower and there might not be a single one that isn't made better by using a grinder.

It's not just the nice consistency that a grinder gives your cannabis that makes using one so great, though. For being a simple tool, grinders offer a ton of benefits.

The cost of the grinder will pay for itself in no time at all by making you into a more efficient smoker. No more wasted chunks of black and stinky nug, burnt but not fully smoked, needing to be knocked out of your bowl piece. A fine grind will allow the flame from your lighter easier access to every bit of the cannabis you pack into a bowl.

They also help you save your kief, the little crystals on your buds which have a habit of sticking to fingers, surfaces or anything they may come in contact with — except for the bud itself, where they belong.

All grinders help contain your kief, but three- or four-piece grinders allow you to harvest the kief that otherwise would be lost. Some even come with a tiny scoop tool that fits inside the grinder to help transport those sticky little crystals to your pipe, joint or wherever you're planning to consume them.

Another great thing about grinders is more doesn't necessarily mean more expensive. And they're not that spendy to begin with. There are countless options out there with a kief screen that will only set you back between $10 and $20. Not a bad price for a product that will take your cannabis game to a considerably higher level.

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