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  • Aug 26 - Sep 1, 2004
  • Vol. 11, No. 46

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    Adrenaline Rush -- Adrenaline Rush follows two young skydivers, offering a look at both the physical sensations and the psychological challenges of risk-taking. At IMAX. Not rated. Alien vs. Predator -- Hollywood has been trying to get
  • Book Review

    It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a Jane Austen fan in possession of some moments of leisure must be in want of a good book. And the book industry has obliged us. We have been offered Bridget Jones's Diary and Pride, Prejudice
  • Jetting Back in Time

    Power struggles are said to have been widespread in the China of 2,000 years ago - in fact, that era came to be known as the "Warring States Period." Who was fighting whom took a lot of history to untangle, so it's not surprising that confusi
  • Accessorize Your Ride

    There may be more boom for your buck in a stock stereo system these days, and new vehicles are getting a bit more generous with accessories like alloy wheels and the ever-popular spoiler. But nothing can compare to the hallowed walls of a
  • DVD Review

    Kill Bill: Vol. 1 was a Quentin Tarantino showcase of the most elemental kind -- style-heavy, funny, action-packed and violent as hell. Add to that the Tarantino's trademark smart 'n' snappy dialogue and you had a thrilling homage to some
  • Taking Fire Again

    He was introduced as someone who had been there and seen it all firsthand, this seemingly authoritative, but certainly dour and angry guest, who had been given a national television forum by Pat Buchanan on MSNBC's Scarborough Country. Us
  • Zucchini Houdini

    If you have a backyard garden, you've undoubtedly found by now that squash plants are too darn big. Zucchini and other summer squashes that are cute and manageable in June become Godzillas later in the summer, overshadowing everything wi
  • Smoothie Operator

    When my niece Sasha comes over, she heads for the raspberry patch. When her pile is big enough, we make the world's best smoothie. Can this be true? The world's best smoothie? That's a mighty tall order indeed. I think of the tropical co
  • Letters to the Editor

    The Right To Quit -- Bob Herold's Aug. 12th commentary, "Money Over Country," chastens Tom Ridge for resigning from his post as our national security czar. Herold compares Tom Ridge to Leslie Grove, who would not have quit on the Manha
  • History Lives On

    Fifteen or 20 years ago I read in one of John Fahey's books (I can't even remember which) an explanation of how Spokane became a railroad town. Railroads came through Spokane, Fahey wrote, because "a notch in the mountains" to the east
  • Recently Reviewed

    Moxie -- Moxie is back with a sophisticated new look and location (in the old Great Harvest space on Sprague), with a menu that features Chef Ian Wingate's signature fusion creations, which lean toward the Asian: wok-seared spiced orange
  • Avoiding Asphalt

    The Inland Empire Section of the American Planning Association finds both the proposed demolition of the historic Rookery, Mohawk and Merton buildings and the proposal to replace them with surface parking to be in direct conflict with the C
  • Cyber-Advisers

    I've never come so close to throwing up all over myself as the day that my parents and I pulled up to my college dorm. Choking back the chunks, I walked through the haze of balloons and cheering students into my new home -- where I receiv
  • Comedy Tonight

    Back to the future, forward to the past: Bob and Joan Welch are acting in a Spokane theater again, and Michael Weaver is directing in one. They're just not at the same theaters. While the Welches open in Painting Churches at Interplayer
  • Opening Films

    Hero -- Despite much confusion in keeping track of the story and who is telling lies, director Zhang Yimou's tale of political treachery and revenge in ancient China works as one of the most exciting visual extravaganzas in recent years.
  • Getting His Way

    River Park Square is undoubtedly the biggest civic controversy in Spokane history. But there is a close second -- a dispute more than a century ago between the citizens of Spokane and James J. Hill, the railroad magnate for whom Hillyard
  • Buzz Bin

    Hate Seattle More -- The Cure? Mogwai? Interpol? Cursive? They were all coming to the Gorge this weekend as a part of the Curiosa Tour. Were (past tense). That was until Robert Smith had to go and get a life on all of us and cancel the s
  • Storming New York

    John Passacantando, the executive director of Greenpeace USA, believes in confrontation. On his watch, the group has boarded ships involved in illegal logging. He and other activists have chained themselves to the entrance of the Envi
  • Beyond the Books

    The college freshman's To Do List: 1. Register for classes; 2. Pick a major and then change major... and then change it again; 3. Find self; 4. Graduate on time; 5. Get job and pay off loans Having so much to accomplish in four short ye
  • Sidebar- Sheahan on the Issues

    HEALTH CARE -- Sheahan's stance on health care is similar to his Republican opponents, but he says he'll be the one to deliver on tort reform. "The biggest thing is experience. I've actually worked on issues in the legislative process," he
  • Facing Sideways

    "You can wear these. I wiped the sweat off," Justin says, an innocuous grin spreading across his face at the realization that his offer of his headphones is, well, sort of gross. "Here, try this," Aaron s
  • Knocking On Your Door

    You may think hugging babies and shaking hands is easy work in order to get elected, but follow a candidate like Larry Sheahan around for a while and you'll soon discover that running for Congress seems more like training for the Olympics.
  • CD Review

    Who would you rather hear sing the standard "It's De-Lovely": Robbie Williams or Ella Fitzgerald? I thought so. The soundtrack for the new Kevin Kline/Ashley Judd film De-Lovely, which documents songwriter Cole Porter's life, featur
  • In Brief

    We Hold These Truths... -- SPOKANE -- It's hard to believe that it was just 85 years ago that women in the United States gained the right to vote. Only after activists in the suffrage movement successfully persuaded Congress to treat all men
  • Healthy Learning= Higher#130B87

    The majority of people from the ages of 18 to 24 have the best of both worlds: They're past the awkward stages of adolescence but haven't yet succumbed to the perils of age. The braces are off and the joint pain hasn't begun. But instead
  • College Roundup

    Eastern Washington University Public Location: Cheney and downtown Spokane Founded: 1882 Student Body: approx. 9,800 School Starts: Sept. 22 Tuition: $1,274 per quarter (in-state); $4,443 per quarter (out-of-state) Phone: (5

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