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Executive Officers
Ted S. McGregor, Jr. (x229) Publisher
J. Jeremy McGregor (x224) General Manager

Jacob H. Fries (x261) Editor
Dan Nailen (x239) Managing Editor /Arts & Culture Editor
Chey Scott (x225) Food & Listings Editor
Nathan Weinbender (x250) Film & Music Editor
Derek Harrison (x248) Art Director
Wilson Criscione (x282) Staff Writer
Daniel Walters (x263) Staff Writer
Samantha Wohlfeil (x234) Staff Writer
Young Kwak, Staff photographer
Chris Frisella, Copy Chief

Kristi Gotzian (x215) Advertising Director
Kristina Smith (x223) Director of Marketing
Carolyn Padgham-Walker (x214) Senior Account Executive
Emily Walden (x260) Senior Account Executive
Mary Bookey (x216) Account Executive
Jeanne Inman (x235) Account Executive
Rich McMahon (x241) Account Executive
Autumn Adrian Potts (x251) Account Executive
Claire Price (x217) Account Executive
Wanda Tashoff (x222) Account Executive
Sydney Angove (x242) Advertising Support
Jess Kennedy (x212) Advertising Support
Houston Tilley (x247) Events & Promotion Assistant

DeeAnn Cook (x211) Business Manager
Kristin Wagner (x210) Accounts Receivable
Frank DeCaro (x226) Circulation Manager

Wayne Hunt (x232) Production Manager
Ali Blackwood (x228) Creative Lead
Derrick King (x238) Senior Graphic Designer
Tom Stover (x265) Senior Graphic Designer
Jessie Hynes (x231) Graphic Designer

Health & Home
Anne McGregor Editor

Annual Manual
Tamara McGregor Editor

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