Got a News Tip?

Do you have information about a big or important story? Well, we love those type of stories, and below we outline various ways you can share information with us — from the easy and informal to more secure channels that help protect your anonymity.

Please consider what makes a solid news tip: It includes documentation and/or evidence and speaks to a specific problem that has real-world consequences.

Easy Ways to Reach Us

Contact a specific writer: Check out our staff directory.

Use our tips email: Send story tips and documents to this email, which goes to all of our news reporters.

Organizing a community event? Use this form to share details with us, enabling us to share them with the larger community.

More Secure Ways to Send Info

Postal Service: Mail tips and documents, c/o The Editor or a particular writer, to: The Inlander, 1227 W. Summit Parkway, Spokane, WA 99201