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  • Sep 2-8, 2004
  • Vol. 11, No. 47

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  • Buzz Bin

    The Insider -- Here in the Bin, we may not know sports, but we sure do love to hear good dirt. And Spokane resident and founding executive of ESPN Stuart Evey is here to deliver the goods about the sports network that celebrates its 25th
  • Washington State Cougars

    WASHINGTON STATE COUGARS Season Opener: At New Mexico (Albuquerque), Friday, Sept. 3, 5 pm PDT (ESPN cable television; KXLY 920 AM radio). Home Opener: Idaho at Martin Stadium, Saturday, Sept. 18, 7:30 pm (FSN cable television; KXLY 92
  • Cross Examination

    Shaun Cross has a hard time letting things go. When his wife of 28 years, Kathy, decided finally to pitch a pair of old shoes, Shaun brought them back into the house. His housekeeper of 17 years, Rae Holland, confirms that Cross "has been

    Compiled by Michael Bowen Untitled Nova stared intently at the screen, finger poised over the keypad, waiting for the blip signaling a solar flare, the perfect cover for sabotage. Blip. Tap. & quot;We're in & quot; she hissed as Solobot swept under th
  • Mr. Intensity

    The debate never ends among football players at Washington State. Some players insist that wild-eyed, maniacal screamer Robb Akey, WSU's defensive coordinator, is the craziest man on earth. Other players insist that wild-eyed, maniacal s
  • Opening Films

    Vanity Fair -- The William Thackeray novel gets another film treatment, this time with Reese Witherspoon quite good as Becky, the smiling, sneering, charismatic social climber in 19th-century London. The lengthy, multi-leveled story is w
  • Book Review

    Don't let the trendy word "metrosexual" put you off from Peter Hyman's almost hip life. As he takes pains to explain, it's not his fault that he knows the difference between sage and mint green or "tends toward flat front trousers." Hyman
  • Toys for Big Boys

    It develops at a young age. Boys like toys, and the older they get, the more complex the toys get. However, there are always a few constants. The toys are often loud, shiny, and fast, and there is usually some kind of pride of ownership t
  • A Different Kind of CEO

    Back in 2003, when President Bush's poll numbers were high and the mission in Iraq was reportedly accomplished, the White House's plan was hatched. George Nethercutt would defeat Patty Murray and shift the balance of power in

    Compiled by Michael Bowen Precious Things He's always hoped it'd be beautiful. It was. The water was both sheer and solid. Multiplied shades of color, it was full of imagination, but clear. Finally, it was ready. He carried it the seven or e
  • Idaho Vandals

    IDAHO VANDALS Season Opener: At Boise State (Boise, Idaho), Saturday, Sept. 4, 5:05 pm PDT (no TV; Vandal Radio Network, including KTRW 970 AM in Spokane and KVNI 1080 AM in Coeur d'Alene). Home Opener: Louisiana-Monroe, Kibbie Dome, Sa
  • Now Playing

    Adrenaline Rush -- Adrenaline Rush follows two young skydivers, offering a look at both the physical sensations and the psychological challenges of risk-taking. At IMAX. Not rated. Alien vs. Predator -- Hollywood has been trying to get
  • Knocking On Your Door

    You may think hugging babies and shaking hands is easy work in order to get elected, but follow a candidate like Larry Sheahan around for a while and you'll soon discover that running for Congress seems more like training for the Olympics.
  • Better Halves

    The new box office and the new stage manager's booth aren't quite finished at the top of the Spartan Theater, and the programs needed to be reprinted at the last minute, but the inaugural show at the Actor's Rep still went on last Friday
  • Old Family Album

    The past exists nowhere except in memory, and what is a photograph but memory made tangible? Each image captures only a moment, no matter how significant the moment may seem at the time. No single image can tell the story of a community'
  • Splendor in the Lemongrass

    Kim Do -- on Hamilton between Mission and Illinois -- makes it easy for everyone to enjoy authentically prepared and presented Vietnamese dishes. And the clientele reflects it. On any given day, you'll find folks of many different ethnic ba
  • Eastern Washington Eagles

    EASTERN WASHINGTON EAGLES Season Opener: At Nicholls State (Thibodeaux, La.), Thursday, Sept. 2, 4:30 pm PDT (no TV, KEWU 89.5 FM radio). Home Opener: Central Washington, Sept. 18, 6:05 pm, Woodward Field (no TV; KEWU 89.5 FM radio). T
  • DVD Review

    Quentin Tarantino aims to please, and, for most, he does. The director popularized non-chronological storytelling with Pulp Fiction. He made viewers thirst for blood with the gleefully violent Reservoir Dogs. And more recently, he showed h
  • Fruits of Labor

    Despite pressing issues such as health care, jobs and the war in Iraq, Cathy McMorris doesn't seem to mind discussing more mundane topics -- like fruit. "Peach trees require more maintenance that apple trees," she explains. "You have to sq
  • A Call to Arts

    On Aug. 9, Mayor James West presented a proposal to the Spokane City Council for revising the 2004 city budget in order to address a deficit of $6 million. The proposed budget cuts 28 positions and programs such as Sch
  • Nuclear Families

    After recently exploring the large, federally funded fallout shelters located within various downtown Spokane basements (and writing about them in the May 20, 2004, issue of The Inlander), my curiosity shifted to a more intimate brand of
  • Recently Reviewed

    Northern Lights -- The Northern Lights brewpub's d & eacute;cor is spacious, inviting and enhanced by low lighting, rich greens and burgundies and recycled bowling alley butcher-block tables. The menu offers traditional pub grub with a sophistica
  • Sidebar- Barbieri on the Issues

    HEALTH CARE -- As chairman of the Sacred Heart Medical Center Board of Directors from 1988-91, Don Barbieri saw the problems facing the health care industry from the inside. Barbieri says the uninsured are a massive drag, as they
  • A Different Kind of CEO

    Back in 2003, when President Bush's poll numbers were high and the mission in Iraq was reportedly accomplished, the White House's plan was hatched. George Nethercutt would defeat Patty Murray and shift the balance of power in the U
  • Primary Election 2004- T#134EA9

    5th District of Washington Congressional Seat Shaun Cross (R) -- I'm Shaun Cross, and my rural heritage gives me a passion to serve the people of our district. That's why I want to be your Congressman. I was born and raised in Ritzville
  • Leave 'em on the Fence

    I've decided: I've had enough of the undecideds. Thanks to a tidal wave of polls, focus groups, PowerPoint presentations, slide shows, studies and laboratory dissections, we now know more about undecided voters than we do about almos
  • In Brief

    The Bus Project -- SPOKANE -- A few months ago, a group of concerned young citizens decided to buy a used bus and travel the state, volunteering on the Democratic candidates' campaigns that would change the Republican-controlled Washington
  • Censored

    In late July, more than 600 people showed up in Monterey, Calif., to speak at a Federal Communications Commission hearing on ownership concentration in the news media. The participants were a diverse group, young and old, activists an

Music & Film

  • Critters' Jazzy Crunch

    Piloting a ship of slinky rhythms, shimmering vibes, twirling sax and noisy atmospherics through an instrumental sea, Critters Buggin reel off experimental jazz and alien motion picture soundtracks like they were the flav
  • 'The Concretes,' The Concretes

    There's something to be said for boring music. This is the kind of music that you can use as an aural sedative for falling asleep. It's the music that blends into the background as you clank pots and pans in the kitchen, the music that no
  • By Her Wits

    Anyone familiar with the lengthy William Makepeace Thackeray novel or the countless mini-TV series and feature films of it that have come before -- Myrna Loy starred in one seven decades ago -- knows that Vanity Fair is a story unusual for havi

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