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  • Oct 28 - Nov 3, 2004
  • Vol. 12, No. 2

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  • Opening Films

    Head in the Clouds -- Pretty pathos but not so pathetic: a World War II romantic epic, purposefully silly, about a romantic triangle between friends Charlize Theron, Stuart Townsend (her real-life beau, looking good in a chapeau) and Pen
  • Book Review

    What is it with Great Britain and the end of the world? First it was 28 Days Later with its zombie-infested London, its unnervingly bucolic countrysides and that unforgettable image of a dead highway with a burning Manchester at the end of
  • Mount Spokane

    Where: Spokane, Wash. Phone: (509) 443-1397 Web Site: Vertical Drop: 2,000 feet Average Snowfall: 300 inches Lifts: five double chairs Hill Info: 1,250 ft.; 44 trails; 23% beginner; 32% intermediate; 45% advanced Hours: 9
  • Opening Films

    After the Sunset -- Pierce Brosnan, Salma Hayek and Woody Harrelson star in this slightly familiar tale of a master career jewel thief (Brosnan), comfortably retired after his last big score (very comfortably, thank you, with statuesque
  • Buzz Bin

    Florida, Revisited -- With the Nov. 2 presidential election looming on the horizon, the specter of the botched 2000 election - and the question "Could it happen again?" - is looming over voters' heads. To better understand the issue, a c
  • Two Wheels of Fury

    My love affair with the Vespa began -- I've always wanted to use that line -- pretty simply. I'd seen them in a bunch of old movies and all over the place down in my old home of Southern California, but buying an old Vespa that's in pretty g
  • Letters to the Editor

    We're Not Stupid The imagined intellectual superiority of liberals in the commentaries of The Inlander exemplifies why the Democrats have lost touch with the heart and soul of America. If the Democrats buy into this nonsense that they
  • Honoring Ganesha

    In Western culture, we like to categorize our art into neat, discrete forms, a hierarchy of creative expression. We have visual arts like painting and sculpture, and literary arts like prose and poetry, all of which are separate from the
  • Silver Mountain

    Where: Kellogg, Idaho phone: (800) 204-6428 Web site: Vertical drop: 2,200 ft. Average snowfall: 300 inches Lifts: One quad, two triples, two doubles, 1 handle tow and one gondola Hill info: 1,590 acres; 67 trails; 20% B
  • Endorsements

    Editor's note: The Inlander does not make endorsements in all races; it only endorses in those races that it has covered as news. Initiatives -- In general, our first response to all initiatives is to vote no. We have a Legislature to
  • Laff Riots

    It's a zoo in here. No, really. It feels like I'm sitting somewhere between the laughing hyenas' cage and the pen holding a banana-drunk mob of screaming chimps. Except instead of being cuddly and innocent captives, these beasts are chain-
  • Now Playing

    The Forgotten -- When a young mom (Julianne Moore), distraught over the death of her son, is told by her husband and shrink that the son never existed, she freaks out, then starts to find pieces to the puzzle in her confused head. With
  • Big Mountain

    Where: Whitefish, Mont. Phone: (800) 858-3930 Web site: Vertical drop: 2,500 ft. Average snowfall: 300 inches Lifts: two high-speed quads, one interchangeable chair/gondola, one quad, five triples, one double, one platter, t
  • Max Track Facts

    February 2006, Turin, Italy. Side by side with Norway's Ole Einar Bjoerndalen, you're pulling with all your might down the homestretch of the Winter Olympics' gold-medal final in cross country skiing. After 49K of a torturous Nordic battl
  • Now Playing

    Alfie -- It's safe to say that Jude Law owns every frame of this remake of the 1966 Michael Caine film, the one that shot him to fame and will finally push Law to the top. It's time in the life of a cad, a real ladies' man, a guy who's s
  • Book Review

    Not "defense of marriage" against gays and lesbians, but "freedom to marry"; not "tax relief" (from some kind of affliction?) but taxes regarded as investments; not "greedy trial lawyers" but "public protection attorneys" fighting against
  • The S-Files

    There are no such things as ghosts. Aren't any zombies, boogeymen, monsters in the closet or spooks, either. Even so, that doesn't mean we don't secretly hope otherwise every year when Halloween rolls aro
  • Recently Reviewed

    Crickets Deli -- Crickets Deli is a lunchtime gem with its colorful atmosphere, center-of-town locale and diverse choices. Owners Sam and Karen Yi provide a menu with an excess of 15 salads and sandwiches - all with witty titles. The Fre
  • Cool Trips

    Heli-Fun If you're looking for the ultimate winter adventure, how about this? You round up nine of your closest, most affluent pals, load up your L.L Bean-edition Subaru Forester and make tracks for Nelson, British Columbia. You check in at
  • Schweitzer

    Where: Sandpoint, Idaho Phone: (208) 263-9555 Web site: Vertical drop: 2,400 ft. Average snowfall: 300 inches Lifts: two handle tows, four doubles, one quad, one high-speed six-pack Hill info: 2,500 acres, 62 trails: 20
  • Recently Reviewed

    Crickets Deli -- Crickets Deli is a lunchtime gem with its colorful atmosphere, center-of-town locale and diverse choices. Owners Sam and Karen Yi provide a menu with an excess of 15 salads and sandwiches - all with witty titles. The Fre
  • Haunted Fun

    HALLOWEEN BASH Come to a contra dance to celebrate the holiday on Oct. 30 from 7:30-11 pm. Tickets: $4. 1912 Building, 400 E. Third St., Moscow, Idaho (208-882-0273) SPIKE MUSIC The Last Hassle Media Show Ever and Halloween Costume Party
  • DVD Review

    Ever notice how animated features these days are written as much for the adults as for kids? Shark Tale, for example, is filled with Mafia references that will go way over Junior's head. Where did all that start? Aladdin, the 1992
  • A Musical for All of Us

    Moral values. Insistence upon the rule of law. Good is rewarded, evil is punished, perseverance triumphs. Up-by-the-bootstraps success, self-discipline, fidelity to bedrock beliefs. A vision of Christian salvation at the end. Clearly, Les
  • Lookout Pass

    Where: Wallace, Idaho Phone: (208) 744-1301 Web site: Vertical Drop: 1,150 ft. Average Snowfall: 400 inches Lifts: Two double, one rope tow Hill Info: 444 acres of skiing, 23 runs: 25 percent beginner, 45 percent interme
  • Just Say Yes

    A few years back, a film called American Movie: The Making of "Northwestern" hit the festival and art house circuit, calling attention to itself in that it was something new. Unlike films such as Best in Show, a fake documentary that looked r
  • Pots of Money

    If you've walked, jogged, biked, driven or ridden the bus through Spokane recently, you know that the roads could use some work. They're wavy, rutted, pocked, scarred and misshapen. Everyone knows that. But basalt and blacktop are only a sl
  • The House That Liberace Built

    Hate him, love him, idolize him - however you may have felt about the late Mr. Showmanship, Spokane really owes a lot to Liberace. Yes, that Liberace - the glitzy musical phenomenon known through the '60s and '70s for his flamboyance, kits
  • Best View in Town

    If location is everything, then Anthony's Homeport has it made. The new seafood restaurant occupies what must surely be one of the most amazing locations to be found in any city. From the panoramic windows lining the east end of the d
  • Buzz Bin

    Come and Get 'Em -- If you missed out on David Sedaris' packed gig at the Met several years ago, then you already understand the importance of getting your Get Lit! tickets early. The rest of you, listen up. This year's Get Lit! festival
  • Rattle & amp;amp; Hum

    With its telltale screech and distant grumble, it is suddenly there. An endless stream of cars, perfect long boxes, passing with their hum and click, with their rum and rumble, cutting their outlines on brick buildings which offer back f
  • Coffee of the Celts?

    Am I a coffee renegade? Well, am I, punk? Caife Cistin's bright yellow green ad with the lower case letters and blocky font in a recent Inlander dining guide caught my eye and I was further intrigued by the ad's challenge: "Are you a coffee
  • Cultural Baggage

    George C. Wolfe's The Colored Museum (at the Civic's Studio Theater through Nov. 13) features 11 "exhibits," satiric skits that poke fun -- and comment seriously -- on a variety of black American attitudes. At the outset, for example, audie
  • Blind Faith

    Jamie Foxx delivers an astoundingly rich performance as Ray Charles, a musical legend who overcame a childhood of almost debilitating poverty, the loss of his eyesight at age 7 and the racism of the Deep South. Working from a script by
  • 49 Degrees North

    Where: Chewelah, Wash. Phone: (866) 376-4949 Web site: Vertical Drop: 1,851 ft. Avg. snowfall: 301 inches Lifts: Four double, one surface Hill Information: 1,265 acres, 42 trails: 30% Beginner, 40% Intermediate; 25% Adv., 5% E
  • It's Stud Season

    As the recent biting cold has signified, winter is fast approaching. It's time to batten down the hatches and settle in for the next four months of nasty weather. Break out the ice scraper and start considering the question that many driv
  • DVD Review

    At the very last part of the ending credits of Zack Snyder's Dawn of the Dead, he actually thanks the Centers for Disease Control. Was he commending them for actually curbing some rampant zombie disease that we've never heard of? Or was he
  • Letters to the Editor

    Trading Cards It was 64 years ago, yet I remember it clearly. It was a crisp November day, as my parents and I walked to Saint Teresa's parish house, a red brick building in Brooklyn. Arriving there, we found other families already in
  • Mekong Midsummer

    Juliet's parents do it. King Lear does it. Even Hermia's father in A Midsummer Night's Dream does it: They insist on deciding whom their daughters will marry. Today, students roll their eyes at the idea of arranged marriages in Shakespea
  • Sound Advice

    New V'ue -- This just in: There's a new all-ages venue opening up on the live music front -- and it's hosting its very first show this weekend. It's located in the Market Street Market building at 5906 N. Market St., just
  • In Brief

    No, Canada -- KELOWNA, B.C. -- Perhaps in response to the news that thousands of disenfranchised Americans are threatening to move to Canada after last week's election, officials from the British Columbia Ministry of Health Services announced
  • CD Reviews

    Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Abattoir Blues / The Lyre of Orpheus FOUR STARS His hawkish good looks have never been tantalizing enough, and his songs have never had enough of a pulse to really lure me in. That is, un
  • CD Reviews

    Concerto Italiano Bach, Vivaldi, Marcello: Concerti Italiani FIVE STARS The Baroque era? Just a bunch of dead guys' dead music. It was three centuries ago, for example, that Bach transcribed some Venetian violin co
  • By the Numbers

    Election 2004 was hardly a dead heat, but it wasn't statistically decisive either. Bush's 3.5 million-vote win over Kerry was the fourth-closest popular vote win since the election of 1952. Only Kennedy in 1960, Carter in 1976 and Gore in
  • Inland NW Crossroads - Dayton, Washington

    The city of Dayton rests like a tree-lined oasis at the confluence of Patit Creek and the Touchet River, amid the rolling hills of Columbia County northeast of Walla Walla. The county seat, Dayton is one of the oldest incorporated commun
  • Cleaner Slopes

    Winter sport enthusiasts notoriously love the outdoors. They'll brave sub-zero temperatures and pay big bucks for lift tickets in order to experience the vitality and exhilaration of a winter day on the mountain. It's also true that they'r
  • In Brief

    Get In Line -- SPOKANE -- Despite months of political bickering, back-biting and ballyhoo; exaggerations, elaborations, indictments, incitements and a whole heap of rhetoric, elections officials seem hopeful that voters haven
  • All Thumbs

    Whether she wins or loses, Democrats have to be disappointed by the performance of their gubernatorial candidate. Attorney General Chris Gregoire started the race with an incredible advantage. She is a popular, three-term statewide
  • Inoculated from Reality

    Remember Jane Byrne? She was the Chicago mayor who lost her job because she didn't get the streets plowed. After all the bajillions poured into this all-too-long, all-too-nasty campaign, President George W. Bush may go down in history as
  • Voice of Reason

    In a world of sound bites, it's refreshing to open a newspaper and read the thoughtful commentaries of Leonard Pitts Jr., whose syndicated column provides passionate but sound meditations on pop culture, family life and social issues. His
  • Sound Advice

    Venue Flux -- Cripes, nothing ever remains the same -- and that's triple-true for live music venues in this town. Currently on the outs is the Detour, the all-ages venue which had been serving the Spokane music scene galla

Music & Film

  • Holy Molé

    Last Tuesday's right-leaning election results signals great things in the near future for industrial music fans. What? Seems odd to say that the re-election of President Bush would be a good thing
  • Thor's New Bridge

    Art imitates life. But art also imitates ... art. Take the case of Myles Kennedy, local rock singer, former lead singer of the Mayfield Four and current front man for Alter Bridge, the new band comprised of ex-Creed membe
  • Sick Individuals

    I wanted to vomit. It's a learned reflex in this profession, looking away from the screen, but the premise of first-time director James Wan's Saw, a puzzle-game serial killer thriller -- described in the Sundance 2004 catalog as "indelible hor
  • Drear Diary

    In real time, it's been three-and-a-half years since the release of Bridget Jones's Diary. In movie time, it's only been six weeks since slightly plump, slightly daffy Bridget (Renee Zellweger) -- then a book publicist, now a TV reporter, has

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