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  • Sep 22-28, 2005
  • Vol. 12, No. 49

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  • Was it Conspiracy

    by William Stimson & r & With virtually all the documents finally open to public scrutiny, the only question not yet answered about River Park Square is the big one. Was it, when all is said and done, a conspiracy against the wishes of Spokane citizens? Or w
  • Opening Films

    by Inlander Staff & r & Tim Burton's Corpse Bride -- Stop-motion animation, smoother, better, more elegant than in Burton's great Henry Selick collaboration, The Nightmare Before Christmas. This time he works with Mike Johnson in a story of a skittish groom-
  • Buzz Bin

    by Inlander Staff & r & Rach Star & r & During "Classical Chat" at City Hall last Thursday afternoon, Jean-Philippe Collard -- who would thunder some jaw-dropping passages on Rach 3 (Rachmaninoff's third piano concerto) the next night -- recounted his efforts to
  • The Borowitz Report

    by Andy Borowitz & r & Roberts Appears at Confirmation Hearings Dressed as Mime & r & Further frustrating the efforts of Democratic senators to pin him down on such hot-button issues as abortion and the right to privacy, Supreme Court nominee John Roberts turne
  • Now Playing

    by Inlander Staff & r & An Unfinished Life -- About a Wyoming ranch owner, his crippled ranch hand, his estranged daughter-in-law, his granddaughter and all their baggage, this film seems tailor-made for director Lasse Hallstr & ouml;m. It's just the kind of plot-fr
  • Breaking Away

    by Ann M. Colford & r & Seattle author Stephanie Kallos caught my attention even before the first page of her debut novel, Broken for You. The book opens with two quotations: one from a noted antiques collector about the human stories contained within decora
  • The Real Deal

    & & by Joel Smith & & & r & If you're in the mood for Mexican, you could go to one of those places with the burbling fountains and the overblown murals and the waiters in serapes and the serenading mariachis. Do it, if it satisfies your romantic ideas of Old
  • DVD Review

    by Luke Baumgarten & r & Pom Poko & r & Disney did a smart thing in 1996 by licensing the animated films of Japan's Studio Ghibli. It was kind of a gamble, as they were getting exclusive American distribution rights to films that hadn't yet been created, but it
  • Book Review

    & & by Azita Osanloo & & & r & & & & lt;i & Walking It Off & lt;/i & & & & & by Doug Peacock & & & r & Doug Peacock, a Vietnam vet and former Green Beret medic who now resides in Livingston, Mont., is known for his environmental radicalism, his work with grizzly bears and, pe
  • Recently Reviewed

    by Inlander Staff & r & Thai Bamboo -- If you're looking for an escape, there's hardly a better option than a foray to one of Thai Bamboo's three Spokane locations. The menu is enormous, with some items helpfully labeled "popular Thai dish." The Thai Bamboo s
  • Must-See TV?

    & & by Joel Smith & & & r & & lt;i & The fall TV lineup is jam-packed with good reasons to stare at your television all night (as you can read more about on page 33). But let's not forget that there's a lot of solid programming going on outside your living room, to
  • Without a Net

    by Joel Smith & r & As the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina revealed to the nation a social and political safety net that was badly frayed, so massive federal, state and local funding cuts seem to be outlining the vulnerability of Spokane County's mental health
  • Take Two

    by Sheri Boggs & r & Me and You and Everyone We Know & r & For all the being smooshed together on mass transit and people nearly humping your back in the QFC checkout line, the big city can be an incredibly isolating place. Sure, there are people everywhere, bu
  • Must-Scream TV

    Just as we're starting to get a handle on the terrifying specter of Hurricane Katrina, the creepiest, most fear-mongering season of TV eve
  • Sound Advice

    by Inlander Staff & r & 1997: The Year in Rap Drama & r & Watch out for some serious violence suppression at VH1's Hip-Hop Honors this week. Not because of any threats of gang violence, but because of the deliberately rage-and-scorn-heavy guest lineup. You see,
  • Stressed at School

    & & by Cynthia Taggart & & & r & Six-year-olds lining up for class at Skyway Elementary in Coeur d'Alene no longer tote lunch pails filled with peanut butter on Wonder bread and baggies of Oreos. They've never heard of Show and Tell, and they may be among th
  • CD Reviews

    & & by Carey Murphy and Luke Baumgarten & & & r & & & Black Rebel Motorcycle Club & & & & & lt;i & Howl & lt;/i & & & & & ** & & & r & & & Devendra Banhart & & & lt;a href= & quot; & amp;offerid=78941.460193222 & amp;type=10 & amp;subid= & quot; & & lt;i & Cripple C
  • Swamped!

    by Sidney Blumenthal & r & Bush's America is gone with the wind. It lasted just short of four years, from Sept. 11, 2001, to Aug. 29, 2005. The devastation of New Orleans was the watery equivalent of a dirty bomb, but Hurricane Katrina approached the homelan
  • Lewis & Clark Sept. 22-28, 1805

    On Sept. 22, 1805, Meriwether Lewis and the bulk of the Corps of Discovery walked off the Lolo Trail and into the same Nez Perce camp of 18 lodges on Weippe Prairie that had given food and shelter to William Clark and his six hunters
  • Censored

    by Camille T. Taiara & r & Just four days before the 2004 presidential election, a prestigious British medical journal published the results of a rigorous study by Dr. Les Roberts, a widely respected researcher. Roberts concluded that close to 100,000 people
  • The Word Made Fresh

    & & by Luke Baumgarten and Clint Burgess & & & r & It's gotta be tough to do publicity for Christian rock. The evangelical idea that the secular world is the devil's domain - that it's the fiery gauntlet you have to navigate to get your eternal reward - turns
  • Trails From Rails

    & & by Suzanne Shreiner & & & r & Fish Lake Trail supporters know that if they build it, you will come. But they still want your help. The Inland Northwest Trails Coalition and the Bicycle Alliance of Washington led about two dozen hikers on a short outing on

Music & Film

  • The Word Made Fresh

    & & by Luke Baumgarten and Clint Burgess & & & r & It's gotta be tough to do publicity for Christian rock. The evangelical idea that the secular world is the devil's domain - that it's the fiery gauntlet you have to navigate to get your eternal reward - turns
  • Gothic Groom

    by Ed Symkus & r & Fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas are going to rejoice. Viewers who didn't cotton to the odd, old-fashioned, bizarre feel of that 1993 film might want to wait for the new Wallace and Gromit offering for their next stop-motion animated
  • Must-Scream TV

    Warning: This story contains plot information about several fall TV pilots.

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