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  • Nov 10-16, 2005
  • Vol. 13, No. 4

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  • Buzz Bin

    by Inlander Staff & r & Not Flintstone, Yellowstone & r & The new MAC exhibit, Drawn to Yellowstone, runs through Feb. 19, 2006. More than 70 paintings, drawings and prints by more than 60 artists since the late 1800s (including Thomas Moran and Albert Bierstad
  • The Secret Lives of Skiers

    by Joel Smith & r & You're standing in the garden section of the Spokane Valley Home Depot, eyeing the fine print on the back of a bottle of Spectracide Mole Repellent, trying to decide if this would be more or less morally repugnant than using a trap or a G
  • Fresh and Tasty

    by Susan Hamilton and Suzanne Schreiner & r & Asian Chic RESTAURANTS & r & "Be transported into the cool, chic and comfortable world of Bluefish," states the press release that the restaurant's director and partner Eric Nagano hands me as I enter the newly open
  • A Beer with Nigel Jaquiss

    by Joel Smith & r & Willamette Week writer Nigel Jaquiss caught the state of Oregon by surprise last year when, after a two-month investigation, he reported that former Portland mayor and state governor Neil Goldschmidt had serially abused an underage girl d
  • Lookout Pass

    & & by Suzanne Schreiner & & & r & No doubt about it, Lookout Pass is an inspired place for a ski resort. Getting there is as easy as zooming along four lanes of I-90, giving real heft to the phrase "freeway-accessible." From downtown Spokane, you can arrive
  • DVD Review

    by Kevin Taylor & r & Millions & r & I was looking for a little faith. As autumn veers toward winter solstice, the outstretched cape of blue-black of darkness often spreads inward as well. So I'm at the video store seeking a ray of light, and there was this kid
  • Gauging Our Growth

    by Jim Frank & r & I have a perspective on the region's prospects for economic growth -- an issue you raised in your recent edition ("Why Is Spokane So Broke?" 10/20/05). My views have been formed by my experience as a lifetime resident of Spokane and for the
  • Book Review

    & & by Michael Bowen & & & r & & & & lt;i & The Lost Painting & lt;/i & & & & & by Jonathan Harr & & & r & He was a violent drunk who liked to insult people and then pick knife fights with them. He was also a genius: He transformed Renaissance sacred art by inserting the riff
  • Silver Mountain

    & & by Suzanne Schreiner & & & r & Silver Mountain is booming again, though this time it's not about ore, but instead a real estate mother lode at the Kellogg resort. In September, the resort sold its entire stock of 110 new condos in a single day, so people
  • Take Two

    The breakup between the Mouse House and the creators of T
  • 49 Degrees North

    & & by Suzanne Schreiner & & & r & Ah, the joys of winter in the northern latitudes -- in this case just around 49 & deg; degrees north, and smack in the middle of the Colville National Forest. The crunch of snow under skis was first heard on Chewelah Peak around 19
  • Just the Facts, Man

    by Mike Corrigan & r & I saw Black Flag in the fall of 1985. The band was playing in Spokane at a place everyone called the Grotto Hall. The most vivid memory I have of that show was of lead singer Henry Rollins standing next to me in the men's room as we bo
  • Recently Reviewed

    by Inlander Staff & r & A Taste of Thai -- In a colorfully decorated storefront next to Calvary Chapel in the Fairwood Shopping Center, A Taste of Thai (open for 10 years, but under new management) serves Asian food that passes the Pad Thai test: These noodle
  • The Season That Wasn't (Almost)

    & & by Pat Kennedy & & & r & Every skier and boarder knows they're at the mercy of the snow gods, and last year, those gods frowned on the Inland Northwest. Sure, you could get in some decent days if you paid close attention, but it has to go down as one of t
  • Big Mountain

    & & by Suzanne Schreiner & & & r & The summit soars 6,800 feet into the clouds, and while that may not be quite Annapurna, it is still one big mountain. Perched in the Whitefish Range of the Northern Rockies, and just a hoot and a holler from Glacier National
  • Schweitzer

    & & by Suzanne Schreiner & & & r & When it comes to this Sandpoint ski resort -- named for the Swiss hermit who shut himself away in the Selkirk Mountains -- the accolades come from far and wide. National Geographic Adventure says it's "where to live and play n
  • Opening Films

    by Inlander Staff & r & Derailed -- Don't cheat on your spouse! That's the message in this tale of two people (Clive Owen, Jennifer Aniston) who do, and then pay the consequences when their tryst is interrupted by a vicious criminal (Vincent Cassel) who is ou
  • Drinking A Beer with Nigel Jaquiss

    & lt;i & Willamette Week & lt;/i & writer Nigel Jaquiss caught the state of Oregon by surprise last year when, after a two-month investigati
  • Just the Ticket

    & & by Joel Smith & & & r & Pulling up to the Season Ticket, noticing all the pickups in the parking lot, glancing at all the neon Coors Light and Kokanee signs in the window, the three of us figured there was a good chance we could get our asses kicked that
  • Mount Spokane

    & & by Suzanne Schreiner & & & r & As a transplant to Spokane from the west side of the Cascades a few years ago, I was eager to see a real winter -- one that featured flurries of white stuff rather than gray skies and mud. One of the first things my neighbors
  • Now Playing

    by Inlander Staff & r & Chicken Little -- Disney's first attempt at in-house CGI animation in the Pixar mold sometimes feels less like a movie than part of a strategy to get back together with Pixar. The film begins with a lively pop as a re-imagining of the
  • Election Results - I-912 Hitting the Gas

    by Kevin Taylor & r & Steve Adams has a conservative streak that belies his ponytail, mustache and goatee. "I just never vote on anything that would raise my taxes," the young northwest Spokane resident says with some force. "Let them work harder to find a s
  • Lewis & Clark Nov. 10-16, 1805

    Tempestuous weather at the mouth of the Columbia River marooned the Lewis and Clark Expedition in a makeshift camp for two days in November 1805. Fortunately, on Nov. 10, the wind and waves subsided, so the expedition members loaded
  • Sound Advice

    by Inlander Staff & r & Long in the Ear & r & The Long Ear in Coeur d'Alene is celebrating 32 years of existence this week by giving you free stuff. Thursday will feature live music and giveaways. Saturday will forego the music and give away more stuff. Deon ov
  • Election Results - I-901 Kicking Butts

    by Joel Smith & r & With few big-ticket races on the ballot, it seemed to be the initiatives that brought most local voters out this year. And few seemed to compel citizens as much as I-901, which would expand the ban on smoking in public places to include s
  • Rocket Man

    by Alan Sculley & r & Mr. A-Z is a good title for describing the intentions an artist brought to a particular album. For one thing, the "A-Z" suggests a CD that displays a wide range of the artist's talents. It's also a clever play on the last name of the ar
  • Election Results - Spokane City Council Northeast

    by Kevin Taylor & r & Incumbent Al French appeared to be cruising to a second term as City Councilman for Spokane's northeast side. In early returns, French was leading challenger Tina Howard by more than 1,000 votes. More than 60 percent of the voters in no
  • Election Results - I-330 Nobody Wins

    by Ted S. McGregor Jr. & r & When doctors and lawyers go to war, you know it's going to get expensive. Now I-330 is in the books -- the record books, that is, as the most expensive initiative battle in Washington state history. The two sides combined to pour
  • Election Results - The City of Spokane Bailed Out Again

    by Kevin Taylor & r & Some Spokane voters admitted on Tuesday to wavering at the idea of voting higher city property taxes upon themselves -- especially with state and county tax hikes on the ballot. Ultimately, these voters said they filled in the dot that m
  • Making Invisible Inexplicable

    & & by Luke Baumgarten & & & r & There's no way to talk about Portland's Invisible without sounding like a pretentious wiener. Of course, with me, you're accustomed to that. This time, though, I don't want my affectations to reflect negatively on the band. Th
  • Election Results - Prop. 2 Mental Healing

    by Joel Smith & r & The federal government cuts back on its Medicaid generosity this year, stiffing the state of Washington to the tune of $82 million. The state makes up most of the difference itself and hands the money to its Department of Social and Healt
  • Election 2005 Results

    by Ted S. McGregor Jr. & r & In off years, with fewer personalities to cloud the issues, we learn a lot about ourselves on Election Day. How we vote on initiatives can be very telling. In 2005, people defied the conventional wisdom and showed they are willin
  • Election Results - Spokane City Council South Hill

    by Joel Smith & r & In terms of policy, the similarities between insurance agent Dallas Hawkins and current city council member Mary Verner were striking. For instance, both candidates expressed an eagerness to sew up the city's gaping budget wound; both pro
  • CD Reviews

    by Ted S. McGregor Jr. and Carey Murphy & r & The Clientele & lt;a href= & quot; & amp;offerid=78941.464994841 & amp;type=10 & amp;subid= & quot; & Strange Geometry & lt;/a & *** & r & Since Luna called it quits in the past year, I've been searching

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