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Dan Herman is a copy editor for The Inlander. He is responsible for ascertaining that all the names of metal bands have the correct number of umlauts. He graduated from Washington State University in 2009.

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  • Bob's Burgers

    A new animated feature that's still impossible to describe in a sentence.
      Unless you’re the executive whose sole job is to green-light new Seth MacFarlane cartoons, you need to have a compelling reason to order a new animated series. Animated shows are usually expensive and vastly more difficult to change. That’s why, for every Family Guy,.
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  • Waking Sleeping Beauty

    The death and rebirth of Disney animation
      Walt Disney movies are the stuff of legends. Literally. Our most popular fables and myths are not Aesop’s, nor from the Brothers Grimm, but the story of a plucky meerkat and warthog who help a lion king regain his throne. It’s an abundance of dalmatians matching wits against the female personification of the devil.
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  • Boardwalk Empire

    Like Mad Men, only 40 years earlier and less fixated on the props.
      The plotlines are at once intensely personal yet very public. In addition to providing alcohol to most of the country, Nucky also has to deal with a young upstart, Jimmy (Michael Pitt), whose intelligence and guile make him think he can do much better than being Nucky’s driver.
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  • Holiday Highlights

    Local events, recipes, music: Everything you need to come together as a (dysfunctional) family.
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  • Loco Ban

    Why Washington thinks mixing caffeine and alcohol is bad.
      Fearful of a new alcohol ban, panicked citizens rush to corner stores to stockpile a sizeable quantity of their preferred spirit. There’s some outrage at the government’s bowing to the temperance-minded, of course, but no one knows when — or if — they’ll ever be able to consume their favorite drinks again.
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