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The Breakfast Boys, KZZU

Some people need four cups of coffee to kick-start their mornings, or a five-mile crack-of-dawn jog. Others just tune in to Dave Sposito and Ken Hopkins, known to loyal listeners as the Breakfast Boys. They've glommed onto first place radio team for the fourth year running.

This year, it wasn't even close. The Boys scored more than twice the number of votes of their nearest rivals.

The Breakfast Boys' five-hour duologue is characterized by trivia and call-in game shows; by running gags like the Phone Ranger, the boys' radio version of Candid Camera; and, most of all, by a flow of talk-talk-talking unbroken by any peace or pauses. Favorite subjects have included their twisted take on current events, Survivor and going ga-ga for the 'Zags.

And, apparently because five hours of chat isn't enough, immediately after the Breakfast Boys, Sposito heads to KXLY-AM's broadcast booth, where he hosts a popular call-in talk show.

2nd: Jay and Kevin, KDRK; 3rd: The RadioMen, KKZX

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