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Funk Avenue

There's nothing really funky about Funk Avenue, located as it is in a nice South Hill neighborhood populated by mostly white people, mostly living in split-levels, mostly built in the mid-1970s. Not that there's anything wrong with that... But the name, we've got to admit that's a hoot.

Our guess is that Funk Avenue is named not after the music style fathered by James Brown and George Clinton, but more likely after one of several Funks who've made their mark on military history. Then again, it could be named after the golf player Fred Funk — except that he's not dead yet.

Many readers had fun with this question, making up names such as the Lord's Lane, Dead End Street, Bill of Rights Avenue, Off My Lane and, of course, Pot 'n Hole Boulevard.

Then there was the reader who loved Cataldo, pronounced as in: if you can't get a dog, a cat'll do.

Some readers simply voted for the street they live on, or maybe the one they happened to be on when they picked up the ballot. Why else would streets named Mission, Post, Francis, First, Second, Third and Division get any votes at all? Even the North-South Freeway got a vote.

One reader found it strange that Riverside Avenue is located an entire two blocks from the actual river. We've got to agree.

We wondered about Spokane Falls taking third place. A certain irony permeated some of the ballots we got, making us believe that readers were saying Spokane Falls - you know, as in falling off a cliff. Or maybe we're just cynical.

Also in third place came Dick Road, showing clearly that a percentage of our readership still likes the jokes that were funny back in fifth grade. At least Dick is nowhere near Funk Avenue. Can you imagine the happenings at that intersection?

2nd: Christmas Tree Lane; 3rd: (tie) Dick Road and Spokane Falls Blvd.

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