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Best Concert

Cher at the Spokane Arena

In her farewell tour, Cher offered "Living Proof" that there comes a time when even the Mother of All Divas has to pass on to the waiting room of the Great Plastic Surgeon in the Sky.

At the Arena in mid-December, Cher entered atop a chandelier, changed into approximately 157 different outfits, and showed big-screen film clips from her extensive filmography, including Moonstruck and The Witches of Eastwick, both from 1987, and... well, not much else.

By now, Cher has heard it all from the writers and other clowns: They call her "gypsy, tramp and thief" -- but every concert night the fans still come around and lay their money down. (Lots of it.)

She may've started out singing "I Got You Babe," but it's all in the past tense now: Cher's got us, babe. We've been had by her.

Unless she makes a comeback -- okay, when she makes a comeback. (And whenever that is, we can all rest confident that she will wear something modest and tasteful.)

2nd: Neil Diamond at the Spokane Arena; 3rd: Dave Matthews Band at the Gorge

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