Readers react to Avista's rolling blackouts during last month's heatwave and the resignation of an Airway Heights police officer after domestic violence allegations

Readers react to our detailed report on why Avista issued rolling blackouts during the record-breaking June heatwave.

Patrick Hayes: The 1-in-100 event predictions seem to be based on more stable climate models. My friend in Houston has now had several 1-in-500 events in the past five years and several more 1-in-100. We shouldn't expect anything different here. In addition to system loads, grid operators must consider physical damage to the grid ... Wildfire, primarily. Much of our generating capacity is in the hands of the Feds with responsibilities far beyond the PNW. Bottom line? How much are ratepayers willing to pay for reliable power which may no longer be cheap? It's not Avista's sole responsibility.

Susan Smith Lindsey: Our "electrical future?" How about our planet's future? Our childrens' future?

Terry Parker: We've learned that a private monopoly does not reinvest profits in its infrastructure while watching the Public Utility Districts who are required to reinvest profits into their grids handle the heat waves without rolling blackouts.

Ian Nordstrom: It's time to go solar. We can bolster our grid during heat waves rather than deplete it. We can grow our own energy where we use it rather than barter with dictators and destroy mountaintops. You can buy your power generation instead of renting it and lock your price in before the cost of utilities skyrocket. 

Readers sound off at news that an Airway Heights police officer under investigation over domestic violence allegations, first uncovered by the Inlander, has resigned.

Rachele Nichols: They shouldn't accept resignations in this scenario. It's a loophole that needs to be corrected.

Carla Carnegie: Sitting on the Spokane prosecutors desk all this time? Since April? Just when does he plan to have a look — never?

Barbara Kelly Anzivino: WTF being appointed to the domestic violence counsel?? Sheesh.

Smith Robbie: Yeah, well, with the prosecutor in office now, won't surprise me if they try to sweep this under.

Kiki Christensen: ARREST HIM!

Raul Duke: Probably already has offers from SPD and SCSD.

Terry Parker: Another bad cop on his way to another bad police department somewhere.

Frank Cikutovich: I bet his co-workers never suspected...

Pat Halland: He should be prosecuted like anyone else ... and never be in the position of authority again. ♦

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