Question of the Week

What's the worst experience you've ever had with a boss or manager?

Question of the Week
Every week, we ask our followers on social media to share their thoughts.

Sheila Bechtel: Micromanagement.

Angela Lalonde: I've been pretty fortunate and have had a variety of wonderful bosses. Except my high school job working for a now defunct big box store. The management would have you clock out for lunch, but still expected you to cover customer calls on the sales floor. So you'd have to run down to your section, help the customer all while off the clock. I'm sure my story is pretty tame in comparison to many stories.

Joe Pekala: Had a boss that made fun of me for being a Christian, and if I was sick, told me to come to work and puke there cause the garbage cans have liners, and yelled at me for things that weren't my fault. Argued like hell with him a few times, but he was the best boss I ever had.

Shane Mabrey: Complete disregard for my disability.

Violet Winfield: Getting "let go" from the office. Ouch!

Andi Utigard: Worked for a fellow who would clip his toenails over the garbage can in his office. I could hear every clip, snap and plink of those toenails. When he was done he would come out to my desk barefoot and ask me to "run get us some sammies."

April L Boettcher: Bullying and narcissism.

Kathryn Lee: I clerked for a Washington State Supreme Court justice who made his clerks [tell] the admin assistant when we were going to the restroom because he had to know where we were every minute of the day. Not fun.

Kat Panza: Bullying.

Konnie Aagard: Bullying and side pickers

Rich Robinson: ...checks comments to see if any former staff show up. ♦

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