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Summer Camps 2023

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As a kid, there's no better feeling than knowing you have an entire summer of fun ahead of you. Once that final school bell rings, the world is your oyster, and three months of adventure lay just on the horizon.

While compiling this year's Inlander Summer Camp Guide, I was taken back to those moments in my youth. Days spent swimming in a lake and refusing to go home at the end of the day, reading a plethora of books, playing softball at the park, and simply basking in the summer sun that I had waited for all year. Those are the moments that I remember well and hold so dearly in my heart, I would do anything to experience them all over again.

Kids have the chance to make lasting memories, have the time of their lives and so much more at the summer camps featured in this year's guide. Whether they've mustered up the courage to go to sleep-away camp for the first time or they're looking for something a little more specific to their interests, there's an option for every child.

Have a typical summer camp experience at a local favorite sleep-away camp like Camp Reed, or learn something new every day at the educational Camp Invention. Hang out at the library and read books all day, or venture to a local park and take up a new sport.

When that final school bell rings this school year, the kids of the Inland Northwest will be set up for a fun and successful summer.

Be safe, be well, and here's to the adventure of a lifetime!

Summer Camp Guide Editor

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