15 overlooked films on the new NBC streaming service Peacock

I know what you're thinking — another new streaming service?

But NBC's new digital platform Peacock has one big advantage over its competitors: It doesn't cost anything. You can upgrade your account to access even more content, but a huge portion of the library is free, including hundreds of movies new and old.

We've scanned the Peacock film catalog and here are, in no particular order, some of the best and overlooked gems that you can watch for free right now.
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Nathan Weinbender
Bernie (2011)
Based on a strange true story, this pitch-black comedy concerns a beloved small-town mortician (Jack Black) who befriends an ornery widow (Shirley MacLaine) and then becomes implicated in her death. Director Richard Linklater incorporates people and places from the real events into the film, lending it an uncanny documentary-esque edge, and it features what could be Black's best performance.