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  • Feb 1-7, 2001
  • Vol. 8, No. 16


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  • Swimming with sharks

    As the Inlander's arts and culture editor, I wear a lot of hats throughout the week. Sometimes I'm a food critic, sometimes I'm a book reviewer, more often than not, I'm the resident visual arts writer.
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  • Blind ambition

    It's the stuff of noir comedy. An ambitious young man invites the CEO of his company — who has just given him an astonishing promotion — home for dinner.
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  • A musical valentine

    Valentine's Day has been hyped to the gills in our culture. The stores are full of candies, flowers and paper monuments to everlasting love.
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  • Citizen Critique - Hannibal

    Ridley Scott, fresh from his success with Gladiator, takes on a sequel to one of our most revered and creepy films, Silence of the Lambs.
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  • Off the beaten path

    One of the great things about living in this area is that no matter how well you think you know each neighborhood, district, highway and block, there are always new discoveries that turn up — literally — right in your own back yard.
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  • No more polar bears?

    The place to watch for global warming — the sensitive point, the canary in the coalmine — is the Arctic.
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  • Letters to the editor

    The article, "Bruce Babitt's Ghost," written by Ed Marston in the Jan. 25 edition of The Inlander expressed the kind of divisiveness that Americans are really tired of.
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  • Wrought by water

    We've got it pretty easy here in the Inland Northwest, as far as natural disasters go. The Earth's crust under our feet is relatively stable, and we enjoy a moderate amount of precipitation.
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  • King of all media

    I have a Ph.D. from Yale University. I am a college professor. I am a feminist and a social activist. And yet, most mornings, from the hours of 7:30 to 10 am, I listen to the Howard Stern radio show.
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  • The real West

    Money isn't everything, you know. There's also love. And its opposite. In politics, we know that money corrupts, but so does love. And its opposite.
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  • Time to play

    The snow has been here a good hundred days now. Sledding and snowmen have lost a little of their fun factor, and you've definitely reached a saturation level of the Cartoon Network.
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  • Divine inspiration

    These days, "art" and "organized religion" seem out of sync with each other and out of vogue as a philosophical pair, at least in contemporary American art culture.


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  • Lights out

    It was hard to miss Rosauers President and CEO Jeff Philipps, smiling out of the full-page newspaper ads announcing the grocery chain's decision to lock its doors between midnight and 5 am to save energy.
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  • An eyesore for your ears

    Jeff Forry has been fielding a lot of calls from irate residents of Spokane County lately, mostly from people fuming about the cell phone towers that seem to be sprouting up everywhere.
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  • Desert Island Discs

    It's amazing how years after your kids leave home, you find yourself still bailing them out from time to time. Ten bucks till payday? No problem.
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  • The road to harmony

    It is a stereotypical misconception that the authors of books on racism must be minorities.
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  • The last kick

    Stacey Howard's 5-year-old son Chandler is heading to Disney World next week with the rest of his family.
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  • Focus on... Screaming Mouse

    There's a small software company in Spokane — actually, it may only remain small for a short while longer — that's been generating a lot of buzz lately.
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  • CD Review

    Elliott Murphy and Iain Matthews -- La Terre Commune
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  • Local briefs

    The Coeur d'Alene Area Chamber of Commerce is holding its annual After Hours Business Fair on Tuesday.
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  • Focus on... LineSoft

    If you ask someone from LineSoft exactly what the company does — and you are not a software engineer — the answer will likely begin with, "Well, it's kind of complicated..."
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  • Local briefs

    The Bethany Presbyterian Church is hosting "A Shower of Stoles" beginning Sunday, to honor and celebrate gay and lesbian people of faith.
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  • Gridnapped!

    Policymakers point their pudgy fingers at greedy power generation companies. Generation companies point their digits at hungry consumers.


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  • V is for violence

    My vagina is angry. It is. It's pissed off. My vagina is furious, and it needs to talk." So begins one of Eve Ensler's famous Vagina Monologues.


  • Sound Advice
  • Desert island discs

    You guys aren't too generous with the listening material, are ya? Time to get serious about my musical true loves.
  • Sound Advice
  • Smoky cajun flavor

    In the post-Fort Spokane apocalypse, bands found themselves with fewer places than ever to play, fans had one less club to patronize and things looked bleak.
  • Sound Advice
  • We need the funk

    Sure, the man dresses funny, but the fact is, few performers have broken down as many musical barriers or have taken black music in this country as far over the last three decades as George Clinton.


  • Movie Reviews
  • Funky business

    There are many ways to describe a film, any project really, that doesn't work out the way one hoped it would. You could be nice and say, "Close, but no cigar."

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