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  • Mar 15-21, 2001
  • Vol. 8, No. 22

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  • As good as it gets

    As Oscar time approaches, and no clear-cut winners are stepping out front, there's as good a chance as any that this quietly entertaining little film is going to bring home some gold. Mainly because of the two categories it's been nominated i
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  • High tech hunting

    High technology and the sport of hunting might seem to have little in common. In Pennsylvania, I met an old boy that claimed he'd jumped from a rolling truck, chased down a white-tailed deer and knifed it dead along a logging road. A ste
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  • Piece it together

    In the Firth Chew Studio Theatre at the Civic the other night, they put on a brand-new play that intelligently probes the relationship between two sisters. The performance is well directed and well acted. And the play itself is crafted we
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  • Letters to the editor

    There are those, for example, who have argued that public investment in the U.S. space program has paid off with advances l
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  • All quiet on the Eastern front

    When a director decides to make a film of great extremes, one that features two distinctly different kinds of storytelling, it would be a good thing to get the right idea of which one to focus on, at least as far as general audiences are conc
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  • Mild mannered burlesque

    If you're going to do a 400-year-old farce with lots of obscure Elizabethan jokes, you had better at least get the physical hijinks right. With less at stake than in The Comedy of Errors, and with comic business less brutal than in The Ta
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  • The People Speak 05/18/00

    The exclusive Inlander/KXLY poll on River Park Sqaure and its troubled parking garage reveals, among other things, that people tend to like the project but not the deal Currently, given everything you know about the River Pa
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  • Swing out, sister

    Before Nintendo was a household word, and TVs and computers became the centerpieces of family leisure time, the radio was often the gathering place for news and entertainment in American households. From radio, families heard news from th
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  • In perfect form

    Almost all of us know what it feels like to disappear, to be marginalized to the shadows, for looks, for age, for race, for height or faith or weight. And most of us know what it feels like to fantasize about the other side -- that bright
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  • Citizen Critique - The Mexican

    I'm not a big Julia Roberts fan -- a fact that has more to do with the insecure and emotionally needy characters she often gets to play, than her ability as an actress. In The Mexican, Roberts' character Sam has little else going for her other
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  • The people speak 05/18/00

    The exclusive Inlander/KXLY poll on River Park Sqaure and its troubled parking garage reveals, among other things, that people tend to like the project but not the deal Currently, given everything you know about the River Park Squ
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  • Shenanigans, anyone?

    Little did St. Patrick of Ireland know that when he died on the 17th of March in 461 A.D., that his death would be celebrated for years to come all over the world. The first St. Patrick's Day parade was held in New York City in 1762, an
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  • Back to the big dance

    The Gonzaga men's basketball team, their coaches and all the Zag fans were hoping to be making a trip to potato country this weekend. However, those dreams ended in a chorus of boos as the last seed for the NCAA West bracket was announc
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  • Where are the hybrids?

    Judging by the media hype over Ford's and General Motors' early January announcements on "hybrid" vehicles at the North American International Auto Show, one would think that automakers have seen the light and are finally matching their pr
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  • CD Review - Gold Frapp

    Eclectic Electric Seduction might be the unofficial subtitle to Felt Mountain, Allison Goldfrapp's debut album. Known for providing vocals for Tricky and Orbital, Goldfrapp is yet another enticing voice to wind its way from the U.K. Th
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  • Local briefs

    SPOKANE -- The Washington State Department of Ecology has updated its list of contaminated sites across the state. The list is evaluated in February and August every year. This time, 32 properties were added to the list while 13 were removed,
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  • Fatal fertilizers?

    It's not just sunshine that makes the fields greener in spring. Industrial waste from all over the nation -- and from some foreign countries, too -- routinely ends up on agricultural land as fertilizer. The most common fertilizers contain n
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  • Trombone virtuoso

    Tunes from the swing era bring to mind an optimism, and sense of energetic playfulness that is sometimes rare in more modern music. Saturday, the SPOKANE JAZZ ORCHESTRA will celebrate that spirit with a tribute to Tommy Dorsey, one of swi

Culture & Food

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  • Shaken and stirred

    You've heard them before. "Shaken, not stirred." "Straight up or on the rocks?" "Make mine a double." "Cocktail crowd." "Cocktail hour." "Cocktail nation." But what about "cocktail revolution?" It started back in the '90s. America had ju

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