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  • May 3-9, 2001
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  • Writers on the range

    As if running an independent press, editing authors, publishing books and running a weeklong annual literary festival wasn't enough, Christine Holbert, the founder of Lost Horse Press and organizer of Get Lit!, will be helping to launch
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  • Southern exposure

    What is Cinco de Mayo exactly? A bueno excuse for drinking one's volume in margaritas at the nearest watering hole? A catchy Liz Phair song? Or is it the Mexican version of our Fourth of July? Well, while it is the first two things, surpris
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  • 25 Years - A Bloomsday timeline

    1977 - Bloomsday: The first Bloomsday, with more than 1,000 runners, is launched in Spokane, Wash. Race founder Don Kardong is the race's first winner... Music: Elvis Presley dies at age 42 at Graceland... Movies: Star Wars is released, introdu
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  • The Kenyans

    Every year, spectators stand in awe as the first runner crosses the Bloomsday finish line without a trace of the "in your face" antics that have become so tightly woven into the tradition of American sports. There's no touchdown dance o
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  • Rating the T-shirts

    I got together with the designer of the 2000 Bloomsday T-shirt, Matt Milligan, and we painstakingly analyzed each of the 24 past Bloomsday T-shirts, trying to decide what it is that makes a good T-shirt. "Having a good strong graphic el
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  • Studly do right

    Things have certainly changed for Rick O'Connell, the swashbuckling hero played by Brendan Fraser in The Mummy. In The Mummy Returns, the sequel to that 1999 hit, the O'Connell character has kind of settled down; he's left the wild legionnair
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  • Higher ed how-to

    Positive response to our recent column regarding the importance of establishing a research university in Spokane prompts a follow-up. Given the political lay of the land in our state and region, how might we go about gaining for Spokane what
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  • Sunken memories

    One of the most riveting scenes in the film Jaws is when the salty Captain Quint, played by Robert Shaw, tells his fellow shark hunters about his first experience with the prehistoric, undersea killers. He recounts how his ship was
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  • Collegiate composure

    In a quiet corner of Eastern Washington University is one of the best kept secrets of this area's college music departments: the Composition Program led by Dr. Jonathan Middleton, the program's coordinator, and professor of music theory a
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  • Citizen Critique - Driven

    The first thing I thought of when I saw the trailer for Driven a few months ago was, "Please tell me they're not trying to ride the wave of post Dale Earnhardt grief with this overblown pro race car driver drama." And really, there's no w
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  • The first Bloomsday

    When the first Bloomsday starting gun was fired in downtown Spokane 25 years ago, the runners who were lined up didn't know they were a part of the birth of a great Spokane tradition. The year was 1977, and Robert Dellwo was a frisky 59
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  • Spokane - A user's guide

    Hey, you. In town for the big run, huh? That's great. But have you considered what you're going to do with all those hours that fill the weekend before the race even begins? Maybe so, maybe no? I see. I guess it's a good thing you picked
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  • Arid and extra dry

    If there ever was a time to adopt a new water ethic in your garden, this is the year to do it. Our recent April showers will bring some May flowers, but after that, only wise use of water in the garden will ensure flowers, fruits and healthy
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  • The fleecing of Florida

    In July 10, 2000, in the midst of the presidential campaign, GOP candidate George W. Bush addressed the national NAACP convention in Baltimore and denounced such "new forms of racism" as racial profiling and redlining. But even as he spok
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  • CD Review - Moulin Rouge

    I've seen the trailer for Moulin Rouge (directed by William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet's Baz Luhrmann) three times now and every time it's a real head-scratcher. A bizarre pastiche of glittering Hollywood, 19th-century history, Las Vega
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  • Local briefs

    Why drive? SPOKANE -- When Bloomsday begins Sunday morning, with more than 45,000 hyped runners getting ready to race, the fight over downtown parking spaces is going to be pretty intense. So instead of driving, how about riding your bike
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  • Dioxin delay

    More and more people get cancer. The rate has grown from one in every four people in the 1960s to one in every three people today. Because a lot more is known about cancer -- and about its successful treatment -- people fortunately survive
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  • Strangers in a strange land

    Current U.S.-China relations are a tad cool these days, but thanks to a trio of unlikely ambassadors from Beijing's underground punk scene, Spokane and the Northwest are about to get a sizzling refresher course in loud, fast rules -- Manda

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