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  • Jul 19-25, 2001
  • Vol. 8, No. 40

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  • Jumping the shark

    This year marked the relatively quiet exodus of several long-running television shows, including 3rd Rock from the Sun (NBC), Nash Bridges, Walker, Texas Ranger (CBS), Two Guys and a Girl (ABC) and Star Trek Voyager (UPN). To figure out
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  • Rehashasaurus Rex

    Here we go again, most likely for the last time. Of course, that was said just after the release of the disappointing first sequel to Jurassic Park, which eventually pulled in something like $600 million. And with blatantly open sequel opport
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  • Great expectations

    In a cramped school cafeteria filled with running, screaming kids, a large man hovers over a group of children with expectant looks on their faces and bowls on their heads. In this, the first rough run-through rehearsal for Spokane Theatr
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  • Letters & amp;amp; Opinions

    For years, environmental advocates in and out of government have labored to construct a connecting arch between opposing interests that could lead to the first real legislative action on global warming. Last year the elements for a brea
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  • Citizen Critique

    Let me preface this critique by saying I am a huge Lara Croft fan. I've squandered many enjoyable hours making that woman (who shortly became my idol) run, jump, climb and waste the bad guys. Okay. With t
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  • Ghosts on the waters

    It's a quiet resort community now, but at one time, Spirit Lake, Idaho, was the hub of one of the biggest timber empires in the Western United States. A new, locally produced documentary traces the history of the town and the lake the Koo
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  • Saving the great wild

    In the United States, environmentalists have camped out in the top of trees or across logging roads for weeks to prevent logging of pristine forest or ancient redwoods. In Germany, activists recently chained themselves to railroad tracks
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  • Rejuvenation street

    That was old will be new again -- and old. The highly anticipated plans for the renovation of the South Perry District will be made available to the public at the second annual South Perry Summer Street Faire, this Saturday. The plans boa
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  • Art migration

    It could be the sunny fecundity of a fresh peach. Or perhaps the feeling of driving alongside a river for hours, watching the eddies curl and uncurl as the water rushes toward its destination. Or maybe it's the streets of a small town you'v
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  • Screwball comedy

    After playing Adolf Eichman, Stanley Tucci needed a laugh. Working in London on Conspiracy, an HBO movie in which he played the Gestapo conspirator, he was grateful to get the script for America's Sweethearts. His would play a minor role in t
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  • On life support

    With my apologies to Winston Churchill, let me say that never before have so many paid so much for so little. What are we talking about? Health care, of course. Doctors in this state are often demoralized, some hospitals and clinics, li
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  • Folk on fire

    A quick glance at AMY MARTIN's debut CD, To You, might lead one to sum her up as an earnest hippie chick with guitar. But to do so would be a grave disservice. Martin's roots go deep into the ideological soil of Missoula, the place she now
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  • CD Review - Pernice Brothers

    Looking for genuine songwriting prowess in a world ruled by superficiality? Well my fellow pop rock renegades, you owe it to yourself to grab the new one from the Pernice Brothers, The World Won't End, before it slips away. Rarely is mo

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