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  • Dec 6-12, 2001
  • Vol. 9, No. 8

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  • Heads above water

    When is a remake not a remake? And when is a very well-made movie not all that interesting? Ocean's Eleven is a great test case for both questions. An easygoing lark, Steven Soderbergh's all-star Vegas heist caper takes its basic form from t
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  • Gift Guide 2001

    Burton Snowskate by Michael Bowen -- When we were kids, falling off our skateboards meant serious road rash on elbows and knees (from blacktop impact). Imagine landing on snow instead. What more na
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  • Citizen Critique-Spy Game

    Wow, espionage, patriotism and a hint of a love story all in one movie -- say it isn't so! I had to write that first because I didn't want to come off as a shallow individual. Now it is safe to say this. Brad Pitt and Robert Redford both in on
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  • Art imitates life

    When the Sanders family enters North Carolina's fictional Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, they file in from the back of the "church" past all the "pews" in which the audience is sitting. Connie Ray's musical comedy, as a result, practicall
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  • Room in the manger

    One of the most enduring Christmas icons over the past 40-odd years has been the little drummer boy, that poverty-stricken tyke who had the good fortune to be in the right place at the right time to perform for a divine audience. Thanks
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  • A Dicken's of a time

    Time-traveling to Victorian England at Christmastide is only as far away as Kellogg, Idaho, as the Historic Silver Valley Chamber of Commerce and Kellogg Project Uplift sponsors the sixth annual Victorian Dickens Christmas Festival. On
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  • Polished glass

    The Northwest is a sort of mecca for glass artists of the world, and one of the West Side's finest glassblowers is bringing his work to Spokane this month. Mariusz Rynkiewicz, a native of Poland, is showing his latest work at the Douglas
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  • Three months after

    Three months later, it remains a work in progress, doesn't it? How do we feel and think about who we are and the world around us? Each day brings more insight, perspective, confusion, suspicion, fear and hope. I can muster us only a few h
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  • To insure or not to insure?

    Earthquake insurance for homeowners is cheap, unless an earthquake strikes. That's because the premiums are about $10 to $15 a month for a frame-built house, but the deductibles on a quake-damaged house start in the thousands, insurers s
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  • Environmental summit

    The famous redwoods in California, the grizzlies in Montana and the Grand Canyon have something in common with many other national treasures: at some point the Sierra Club stepped up on the political barricades and went to battle for their p
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  • Rock 'n' roll

    The rock 'n' roll is probably not over, geologically speaking. Just ask Thom Sletmoen, who runs A & amp; E Upholstery on Lidgerwood, in the north central Spokane neighborhood where some residents continue to feel small aftershocks, sometimes
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  • CD review-Grant Lee Philips

    Phillips is a brooding romantic. His songs work best in those melancholy moods when his rich, breathy vocals and rumbling, mildly orchestrated arrangements can wrap around you like a warm blanket and keep the world's cruel intentions effe
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  • Requiem for reindeer?

    Extinction. The finality of the word gives it drama, power, as if a terrible swift sword is at work. But there is a reality to extinction that can seem almost banal. The last herd of mountain caribou in the United States may be headed that
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  • A blissful benefit

    The press kits I get from local power trio Vertigo Bliss are exquisite. Bound in translucent, hot pink plastic envelopes, protected from the elements and rough handling, are show flyers, band bios and picture-laden CD media kits. Everythi
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  • Local Briefs

    SPOKANE -- City police are creating a specialized auto theft unit to tackle Spokane's spike in the number of stolen vehicles. Authorities will also assign the city's 57 detectives to specialized units for sexual assault, fraud and other

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