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  • Feb 7-13, 2002
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  • A Culinary Journey

    Before Emeril Live, The Naked Chef or any of the Food Network's myriad other shows, there was Graham Kerr. The popular chef and author pioneered the way for entertaining culinary instruction on TV with his popular early-1970s series The
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  • The Spokane Connection

    Tere's a vicarious thrill that's experienced by the local musical community when Gunther Schuller's name is mentioned in aa national context. Whether he's being interviewed by National Public Radio's Terry Gross, or receiving an internat
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  • Buzz Bin

    Georgia on our Minds -- The rumor started somewhere in the middle of the Inlander's second floor -- Buzz Bin central, for faithful readers of this column. By the end of the week the news had spread all over the building and even out into
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  • Law of the Jungle

    Last week, I walked from a press screening of Collateral Damage to a photo exhibit about New York City on September 11. In the space of a couple of blocks, I thought about how Andy Davis' new movie wasn't very good, but how its intentions, at
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  • Presidential Greatest Hits

    Liberals and Conservatives, Democrats and Republicans alike gave President Bush high marks for his State of the Union speech. In an uncustomary tip of the hat to presentation, conservative columnist and Brit wordsmith Andrew Sullivan call
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  • The 24th Bach Festival

    Bach can stop you dead in your tracks. Sure, you might be thinking the Brandenburg Concertos would make nice background music, something to listen to while you work or maybe drive to the grocery store. While the concertos are melodic, howev
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  • Bach Festival Schedule

    Gunther Schuller conducts the Bach Festival Orchestra and Chorus, J.S. Bach's Sanctus in D, Cantata 82, Ich habe genug and the Magnificat in D, with Darnelle Preston and Tamara Schupman, sopranos, JoAnne Bouma, mezzo-soprano, Randel Wagn
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  • DVD Review-Moulin Rouge

    One of the critical and commercial successes of last summer, Baz Luhrman's color-saturated musical fantasia Moulin Rouge has finally reached a medium as chaotic and eclectic as the film itself: DVD. The film, presented on the first disk
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  • Letters to the Editor

    Adoption a Good Solution -- I recently read your article on adoption, in The Inlander on Jan. 10, and just thought I could add a little insight on my particular situation. I'm 36 and am raising two boys, ages six and seven. My husband
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  • Speaking the Unspeakable

    If you managed to get past the title of this play and read this far, then you're ahead of some of the Gonzaga faculty. Cate Siejk, director of the Women's Studies Program at GU, reports that, during an extended electronic forum debating w
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  • A Musical Life

    Trying to summarize the experiences and accomplishments of the Northwest Bach Festival's Artistic Director Gunther Schuller in an article this size is a challenge. At the age of 76, Schuller has packed the last six decades with his work
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  • To Be Gay in Cowboy Country

    On Oct. 7, 1998, Matthew Shepard -- age 21, 5'2", 105 lbs., a University of Wyoming student, a gay man -- was discovered, bleeding to death, by a student who at first took him to be a scarecrow. On a remote hillside, Shepard had been tied t
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  • Bush's Second Year

    Prior to the traumatic events of September 11, George Walker Bush was seemingly mired in a bog of inadequacies. He lacked eloquence, his intelligence was being questioned by a broad spectrum of partisan and neutral observers, his legislati
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  • Seeking Perfection

    The musical team of Lerner and Loewe is perhaps not quite as well-known as their contemporaries Rogers and Hammerstein, but their shows are as familiar as any the latter can claim. Lyricist Alan Jay Lerner and composer Frederick Loewe are
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  • CD Review-Natalie Merchant

    I don't know what it is about Natalie Merchant's music -- something hypnotic almost. I wouldn't rate her previous solo efforts (Tigerlilly and Ophelia) all that highly, but they somehow wind up in my CD player again and again. One t
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  • Taxation Without Equalization

    The Cannon Hill neighborhood is a jewel of Spokane. Historic brick homes line avenues shaded by rows of majestic sycamores that provide summer shade and autumn color. The lanes are quiet and, often, narrow, with brick paving peeking out
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  • Life Choices

    Spokane has long been touted as a preferred place for retirement. But what happens when caring for an aging loved one begins to overwhelm an individual and his or her family? Is the Inland Northwest a good location for quality long-term
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  • Quotes and Notes

    Of, By and For the Legislature -- It's another first for Idaho: Last week, a vote by the Legislature made the state the first in the U.S. to repeal term limits. Term limits aren't necessarily a good thing, but some North Idaho lawmakers
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  • A New Option For Veterans

    There's now a new long-term care option available in Spokane to veterans of the U.S. military services. In October 2001, the Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs opened the Spokane Veterans Home at 222 E. Fifth Ave. in Spokane
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  • Nuts & amp;amp; Bolts of Property Taxes

    The Assessor's Office is responsible for setting assessments, the official values for properties, from an empty lot to the newest Wal-Mart. Those values determine how much people pay in property taxes to the county, a fire district or wh
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  • Old School Crunch

    Memphis band DUST FOR LIFE plays straight-ahead, close-to-the-bone modern hard rock that owes more than transient allegiance to such sludgy early '90s heavyweights as Alice in Chains. The thick, crunchy guitars, the switchback dynamics an
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  • News In Brief

    Java Aroma Taboo -- SPOKANE -- Some local coffee shops have had to put their bean-roasting dreams on hold because of air pollution regulations. The Spokane County Air Pollution Control Authority (SCAPCA) regulates emissions from coffee ro

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