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  • Mar 14-20, 2002
  • Vol. 9, No. 22

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  • Glacial Pacing

    The official reason for giving this oh-so-G-rated film a PG rating is for "mild peril." What that will do is exclude -- under the guidance of any strict parents who adhere to the advice of the ridiculous members who make up the MPAA -- the only
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  • Dan the Man

    Spokane does not go wacko without a good reason. Dan Dickau, it would appear, provides just cause for going wacko. Dickau, poster-boy handsome, Boy Scout wholesome and more than a little bit awesome on the basketball court, has captured
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  • Too Much To Say

    Sitting in on Having Our Say is like visiting Grandma for muffins and tea -- only in this case, there are two grandmas, and they're going to pull your ear about, oh, a century or so of "Negro history" in America. It's a folksy evening -- if
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  • Letters to the Editor

    No to Tuition Hikes -- After four years of service in Washington State Univeristy's student government, there is one thing that I have learned: politicians and legislators are interesting creatures in that they cannot stomach any bit of p
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  • Happy Hour @ Home

    If you're one of the most influential bartenders in the world, it's easy to mix a drink as imposing as a double dry Martini using a plastic children's spoon and a souvenir glass. Paul Harrington isn't even fazed by the tacky paraphernali
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  • DVD Review-8 1/2

    The title, 8 1/2 refers to the film's number in director Federico Fellini's output. It hardly indicates one of the most perfect artistic creations in cinema; but that's precisely what 8 1/2 is. There's hardly a moment in this 1963 classi
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  • Buzz Bin

    Crowning Crutcher -- The Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association show every spring brings the bestowal of the PNBA Book Awards, and this year we're delighted that Spokane's own Chris Crutcher is to be a recipient for his Young Adult no
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  • The Opposition

    U. of Wyoming -- Gonzaga's first-round opponent in Albuquerque, Wyoming (21-8, 11-3 and the regular-season champions of the Mountain West Conference), boasts a big front line. Marcus Bailey, a 6-5 junior guard from Cheyenne, was named to
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  • Gonzaga Trivia

    Gonzaga Trivia 1. Name the only Gonzaga player besides John Stockton to play in the NBA. 2. Who is Gonzaga named after? 3. Name the Gonzaga player who was the Academic All-American of the Year in NCAA Division I men's basketball in 19
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  • Desperation Down Under

    Don't let the caressing close-ups of the lantana plant's pretty pink and yellow flowers in the film's opening credits lull you. Pay more attention to the dark, menacing music quietly welling up behind. It's the music much more than the visual
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  • Bulldog News

    Remembering Father Tony -- Known to most as "the basketball priest" or simply "Father Tony," Father Anthony Lehmann passed away last week after a long battle with leukemia. Lehmann is remembered not only by his family and friends, but
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  • Recipes For A Home Bar

    OLD-FASHIONED: In a short tumbler, put a teaspoon of sugar, an orange wheel, two dashes of Angostura bitters and a maraschino cherry. Gently mash them together with either a muddler or the handle of a wooden spoon, until the sugar is dis
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  • Game Review -Sonic Advance

    Hang on a second -- that's Sonic. As in Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog. Mascot for the systems that went head to head with Sony and Nintendo. What's he doing on the Game Boy Advance? Since Sega dropped out of the console market a few months a
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  • Writers of the Purple Sage

    Grab your pencils, it's time for a Western American history pop quiz: What do the sinking of an 1850s gold steamer, the last Spanish exploration of the Northwest coast and the long-unsolved murder of a Pend Oreille county marshall have in c
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  • Prying Loose Some Compromise

    Political scientist Grant McConnell sat on the stump outside his cabin up the valley from Stehekin and explained to me just how it was that the North Cascades National Park came to be. As I reflected on Laurel Siddoway's status report and
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  • Of Cobblestones and Gaslight

    Hansom cabs clatter along shadowy cobblestone streets past street vendors hawking their wares. Meanwhile, behind closed doors, those in power - and those who would like to be - jockey for position on the slippery social slope. A solitary
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  • Take a (Rate) Hike

    While the rest of the Inland Northwest is getting pretty tired of the weather, at least one Spokane executive greets every snowy morning with a smile on his face. The more snow, the better business in the year to come. No, Scott Morris is
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  • Expansion Plan in Focus

    When people in suits talk fondly of regionalism or wistfully of economic development, many end up talking about the proposal to expand the Spokane Convention Center. Supporters say expanding the center would create space for larger conv
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  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    Placard Patriots -- Liberal demonstrators in Spokane are rarer than spotted owls, but members of the Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane have flocked near the federal building downtown on Monroe. Every Tuesday evening for the past
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  • CD Review - Willie Nelson

    Willie Nelson is an American original. No doubt they'll put his guitar -- the one with a hole in it where he's strummed straight through -- in the Smithsonian someday. And who anchored the all-star telethon for the survivors of the vict
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  • News In Brief

    Road Bond Hits a Pothole -- SPOKANE -- Looks like those rough roads won't be getting smoother any time soon. Preliminary results indicate that City of Spokane voters have rejected the $50 million road bond. In initial results, elections
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  • Burn Baby, Burn!

    You notice that the temperature seems to have dropped about ten degrees in the room and a chilling silence rings in your ears. Strange shadows dance beyond the corners of your eyes. Suddenly, you feel a cold hand slide up your shoulder and a
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  • Fixin' for a Fight

    Setting the stage for what could be a central effort of his administration, Spokane Mayor John Powers announced last week his intent to study civil service with an eye toward reforming it. "I think it's time we took a look at it," said

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