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    Caf & eacute; 5-Ten -- Caf & eacute; 5-Ten is an appealing bistro with an interesting menu, offering intriguing items in nearly every price range and located in a surprisingly pleasant space in the lower level of the Lincoln Heights Shopping Center. The a
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    Rock Conservation -- Subdivisions aren't sprawling only across the homelands of spotted toads; they're also chewing up rock cliffs that might serve as great crags. There's a group dedicated to redressing such wrongs, a sort of a Nature C
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    A solid natural history documentary that explores the beauty and harsh realities of nature in an extreme environment. At the IMAX. (Randy Matin) Austin Powers in Goldmember If you're ready to take a nice cool dip in some quality a/c while experien
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    Too Slim and Salgado MUSIC -- You've got one last chance to get an earful of free live music Live After Five-style next Thursday, Sept. 26, at the corner of Main and Wall downtown. The final Live After Five of the year will feature two o
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  • New Places, Familiar Faces

    Steak houses and sports bars are popular respites in the Inland Northwest. Combine them, and you've got a great destination. So when two well-known restaurants closed earlier this year, it wasn't long before they reopened with those winn
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    Nez Perce in Nespelem -- Excellent article on the history of the tragedies faced by the Nez Perce Tribe ("The Blood Remembers," 9/5/02). May I just add: The members of the Chief Band of the Nez Perce of the Confederated Tribes of the C
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  • DVD Review - Monsters Inc.

    Pixar may be Hollywood's most sure-fire studio, what with its string of hits, from Toy Story to A Bug's Life to Toy Story 2 and now to Monsters, Inc. Sure, they're for kids, but each film offers an unparalleled mix of zippy writing, u
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  • Imitating Life

    Every August the television critics of North America travel to Los Angeles to see the sneak previews of the new fall season, listen to speeches delivered by network executives and attend panel discussions with the stars of the shows. An
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  • Sweep & amp;amp; Grandeur

    The term "epic" should never be used lightly when referring to a motion picture, but there's no problem assigning it to this story of love and friendship, cruelty and honor, all set in the late 1800s, when the British Empire was having some d
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  • Idaho Sheds its Ugly Past

    Nothing irritates us more in Idaho than our reputation as a haven for neo-Nazis. Our tolerance of hate-mongers in the past brought us this sorry legacy. These days, we can make a case that Idaho has become a place that stands up for human
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  • Don't Take My Wife, Please

    If you can imagine picking up a product from your grocery's generic aisle labeled "Soup," you probably could also imagine Yvan Attal's My Wife Is An Actress (Ma Femme Est Un Actrice) being classified as "French Movie." Or, as many of my frien
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  • Gettin' Political In The Valley

    Thus far, the politics in the new city out in the Valley seems a play on the theme of "amateur night at the races." We have races. We have, except for a couple candidates, amateurs -- political amateurs, that is. The question is, in the en
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  • Dating On The Clock

    Romantic?! Who has time for romantic?" Mary -- that's not her real name -- is a single woman in New York City. She's well-educated, luminous, funny, has an interesting job and spends most of her free energy, as she puts it, "hauling my ass
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  • Opening Films

    While it might sound like a Pay-Per-View boxing event, Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever is actually an action thriller starring Antonio Banderas as an FBI agent who is forced to collaborate with his longtime foe Sever (Lucy Liu) against
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  • Tainted Love

    In a summer full of headlines about corporate misdeeds and irresponsibility, ConAgra's massive recall in July stands apart. The defective product wasn't fiber optic cable, energy futures or some esoteric financial instrument. It was bad
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  • Symphonic Convergence

    Winds of change are blowing through the Spokane Symphony this fall as the orchestra begins its 57th season, and its 10th under Music Director Fabio Mechetti. This is Mechetti's final full season, although he will still conduct several co
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  • Survivors Unite

    Michael was 12 years old and collecting money for his paper route in Yakima, Wash., back in 1967. On his route, there was one household that paid more than any of the others. It was the house where his priest, Joseph Sondergeld -- then the
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  • Dear Diary

    THREE NIGHTS. 17 VENUES. 180 BANDS. That, in a grossly oversimplified nutshell, is the essence of Portland's 2002 Musicfest NW. Last weekend (Sept. 12-14), this newspaper sent yours truly down to experience this annual Northwest music sho
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  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    George the Green? -- The latest TV ads from Congressman George Nethercutt sure caught our attention. Now he's a protector of the environment? In the spot, he takes credit for helping to protect the aquifer. And in fact he did co-sponsor
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  • CD Review - Jason Loewenstein

    Disciples of indie-rock kings Sebadoh will probably want to check out this debut solo disc by that group's other tunesmith. Jason Loewenstein wrote nearly half of the material on Sebadoh's latter four (and most celebrated) albums, but on
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  • In Brief

    Walk for Life -- SPOKANE -- It's at a new time and location, but it's the same great event. This Saturday, Sept. 21, the Spokane AIDS Network (SAN) holds its annual Walk For Life at Riverfront Park. "In 2001, we saw more than 400 clients
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  • American Dreamer

    Last year, after the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, many Americans made resolutions to live better lives, be better people, enjoy life more. A new term was even coined: Sept. 11 resolutions. Patriotism soared. Flags were flying like never

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