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    8 Mile -- There's a reason that Eminem is so popular on the hip-hop scene: He's good at what he does. And he's also quite good, it turns out, at acting, here playing a slightly less edgy version of himself in director Curtis Hanson's (L.
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  • Game Review - Metroid Prime

    Science fiction is the perfect storytelling device for video games. Glossy, alien images can be turned into reality by today's console systems, and the basic video game premise of getting better weapons and armor fits sci-fi's techie nat
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  • Sucker Punchlines

    You've heard about how love is for those who can't handle loneliness? Folks, there's a lotta love in the house tonight. At the Brickwall Comedy Club, the emcee stands alone in the spotlight. The comedian solos onstage, with only a microp
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    by Inlander Staff Brix -- There's a sophisticated new kid on the block on Coeur d'Alene's Sherman Avenue. Brix's interior has a warm cosmopolitan appearance with rich fabric and leather upholstery. Nooks in the walls showcase local glass art and original
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  • A Bird In Hand

    The sight of house sparrows in the city is so ubiquitous, the little guys might as well be invisible. We hear them chirping en masse from the protection of shrubbery, and we may see them, bobbing after a bagel crumb or squabbling with a sud
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  • Holiday Events

    CHRISTMAS AT NOON CONCERT SERIES Seasonal music on Dec. 5, Westminster soloists on Dec. 12, and more than 100 children from the Discovery School choir on Dec. 19. All three events from 12:10-12:50 pm. Donations requested. Westminster Cong
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  • DVD Review - 13 Conversations

    This film delivers exactly what it says it will: a lot of talk that's spread out over 13 scenes. However, since this is a low-budget movie that stars people like Alan Arkin and John Turturro, the thing they talk about isn't sex. In fact,
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  • Commitment Issues

    Fully Committed is a very funny play that shouldn't be a play. It's a television show masquerading as a play. It abandons what theater does best in favor of a gimmick and rock-video editing. It should be shot as a feature, using lots of s
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  • Simply MJ

    QUESTION: Do you have articles on canning? It is something I would like to try. -- Luann Boeckerman, Greenacres, WA MARY JANE: Quart jars full of ready-made apple pie filling are the perfect starting place for someone canning for th
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  • Beyond Organic

    Herbal Essence? I have to admit it, when I first heard that name an image sprung into my mind -- one planted there by television -- namely, that of a woman having entirely too much fun with her shampoo lather. "Yeah, I've heard about the h
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  • Letters to The Editor

    Cops on Wrong Track -- In your article, "Busy Signal," by Pia K. Hansen in the Nov. 21 edition of The Inlander regarding the poor police response to meth houses, drug dealing and other crimes that most law-abiding citizens would consid
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  • Holiday Concerts

    The Candlelight Christmas Concert at St. John's Cathedral -- brought to you by the fine folks at the Cathedral and the Arts -- has become something of a holiday tradition in Spokane. Traditional in the sense that it happens every year aroun
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  • The Real Deal

    It's that time of year..." time for Christmas trees and creches, Santa and reindeer, snowflakes and angels. Few moments of the year are more heavily invested with symbolism than the end-of-year holidays, when everywhere you go, it seems, s
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  • Cd'A in Lights

    The Coeur d'Alene Resort and the Coeur d'Alene Downtown Association have scheduled something for everyone this holiday season. "We have done absolutely everything we can to make this the most amazing Christmas experience ever," says
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  • Santa Sightings

    Downtown Coeur d'Alene -- 404 Sherman Ave., Coeur d'Alene -- Mr. and Mrs. Claus will be visiting downtown Coeur d'Alene Nov. 30 and every Saturday through Dec. 21 from noon-4 pm. Mr. and Mrs. Claus will be accompanied by an elf and th
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  • Opening Films

    Adam Sandler's 8 Crazy Nights -- If there's one thing Adam Sandler likes, it's making up crazy voices. And in this animated, not-really-for-kids feature, he gets to take on not one but three. Davey is a 33-year-old whose partying lifesty
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  • Bush At Bay

    In an interview with Bob Woodward for his recent book Bush at War, the president describes himself as "fiery, impatient, a gut player." Bush characterizes himself as a man who wants results, and doesn't much appreciate reflection if it st
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  • God's Puppets

    Crystalline memories, children's riddles and pranks, cutesy ghost stories, platters full of heart-warming whimsy -- Dylan Thomas's memory play recollecting A Child's Christmas in Wales (at the Civic through Dec. 21) is enough to rouse the
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  • The Best Chrismas Pageant Ever

    For its Yuletide production, Lake City Playhouse in Coeur d'Alene hopes to spread a little holiday cheer. But The Best Christmas Pageant Ever doesn't start out that way, because somewhere during the course of this pageant, the wheels fall
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  • Buzz Bin

    Business of Mythweaving -- In case you missed The Business of Fancydancing when it showed at The Met last spring, another chance to see it is coming right up. The Idaho Mythweavers, a 12-year-old nonprofit dedicated to bridging the gap b
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  • Nutcrackers

    Choreographer Marius Petipa could not have anticipated that his Nutcracker ballet, which debuted 110 years ago, would become a holiday tradition for audiences half a world away in the 21st century. After its 1892 Russian debut, the balle
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  • Monopoly on the Range

    Step onto almost any ranch in the West nowadays and you're likely to hear someone cussin' the meatpackers. The next thing you might hear is a phone call from that same rancher to his or her congressman asking support for a ban on packer own

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  • All Hands On Holodeck

    A battle between pirate ships at sea: peg legs and eye patches, cutlasses drawn, cannon fire. A skiff hoves alongside a man o'war, point-blank broadsides are exchanged -- except that suddenly the stars are out, the ships have rocket thrust

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