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  • Jul 24-30, 2003
  • Vol. 10, No. 41

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  • Letters To The Editor

    Rock The Bush Boat -- The commentary "Spine Time" (6/5/03) on the Democrats was not well researched in my opinion. While I agree with the assessment that the majority of the front running candidates on the Democratic ticket are pitchin
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  • Not Too Hot To Handel

    David Dutton has a push-me, pull-me relationship with the Royal Fireworks Concert that he helps put on every year. "Year after year, we say we're not gonna do it," he says once again, "we're getting too old -- blah, blah -- and then we meet
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  • Opening Films

    by Inlander Staff Lara Croft Tomb Raider 2: The Cradle of Life -- Angelina Jolie returns in all her pouty-lipped badditude, and this time the tomb she's raiding is called the Cradle of Life. Although the Cradle of Life contains that famous little item of
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  • Book Review

    Perhaps you've heard the urban legend about KFC. Kentucky Fried Chicken, once touted for its blend of 11 herbs and spices and its kindly old southern gentleman founder, started going by the shorter, friskier moniker of KFC. Although it j
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  • I Scream, You Scream...

    When summer sizzles, nothing spells relief like a frozen dessert. Well, OK, maybe sipping a frozen margarita while floating lazily across the surface of a glacial lake might rank a touch higher on the refreshment scale, but ice cr
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  • Finding A Zine

    If you're curious and have never read zines before, how do you go about finding these mysterious publications? Zines are catalogued -- some online, some only on paper -- in collections known as "zine distros." The most famous and most depend
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  • Now Playing

    ** 2Fast2Furious -- Vin Diesel took a powder, leaving Paul Walker to carry this sequel. Still a cop among speedsters, Walker's Brian O'Conner and a partner go to work for an "import-export" sleaze, all the while setting him up for a fall
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  • Cash Vs. Caribou

    Conservation-minded residents of northeastern Washington, North Idaho and northwestern Montana may want to start hoarding Canadian quarters if they hold out any hope of ever seeing a herd of mountain caribou anywhere in the States. The
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  • The Zine Scene

    It's Spokane in 1994. A 15-year-old girl and her best friend find a copy of the now-defunct Factsheet Five at Boo Radley's and are enthralled by the lists of "zines" they'd only heard about from their older and wiser friends. They frantica
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  • Simply MJ

    Dear MJ, I've been told that garlic bulbs grow bigger if you don't allow them to flower, so I always cut the flower stalks off. Can you tell me if it's better to wait until the stalk is mature and has straightened out or cut it when i
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  • Everybody Let's Rock

    It's as if Oldies 101 exploded onto a stage filled with lights, action, energy. Coeur d'Alene Summer Theater's Artistic Director Roger Welch notes that Smokey Joe's Cafe (through Aug. 3) "is the longest running musical revue ever on Broad
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  • DVD Review

    What's Up, Tiger Lily? is Woody Allen's anticipated answer to his future fans. You know, the ones who sit through all the credits at the end of a movie, and are automatically well-disposed to like any film not in English. The people who,
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  • Save The System

    by Robert Herold While early polling isn't entirely clear (is it ever?), evidence suggests that some voters want to toss out the strong mayor form of government because they want to toss out Mayor John Powers. This confusion works to the advantage of thos
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  • The Real Deal

    Across the country, cities both large and small are seeing a resurgence in downtown living. The tide of movement from cities to suburbs that dominated the second half of the 20th century is not over by any means, but more and more Americ
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  • Recently Reviewed

    Paprika -- Paprika is home to some of the most inventive dishes in the Inland Northwest. Even the appetizer list harbors intrigue. Included are fresh-roasted local porcini mushrooms with gremolata served over grilled toast ($8) and roast
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  • Buzz Bin

    Sk'Atomic! -- Making an album must be a little bit like fooling around in the laboratory: all those uncontrollable and volatile elements coming together in the great big test tube of the studio. Sometimes the experiments work, sometimes
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  • Character Actor

    Winning an Oscar generally works wonders for an actor's career. Or does it? Chris Cooper, who grabbed one for his supporting role last year as a horny, wild-eyed, toothless, gun-toting orchid collector in Adaptation, believes that neither his
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  • In Brief

    Can't Bear It -- SANDPOINT, Idaho -- A proposed mine in the Cabinet Mountains of Western Montana faces yet another challenge as conservation groups, represented by Earthjustice Action League, filed suit, challenging the federal approval of
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  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    by Inlander Staff Better Get an SUV -- The U.S. House of Representatives' subcommittee on transportation funding recently voted to cut $600 million for 2004 that had been earmarked for making the nation's roads more bicycle-friendly. Alternative transport
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  • CD Review

    It's astonishingly hot today, and I'm trying to decide if walking a mile in this heat to pick up the debut long player by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Fever to Tell (Interscope), was worth it. The band is an NYC punk trio with Brian Chase (drums
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  • Save The System

    While early polling isn't entirely clear (is it ever?), evidence suggests that some voters want to toss out the strong mayor form of government because they want to toss out Mayor John Powers. This confusion works to the advantage
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  • Navigating The Media Minefield

    A balanced news diet can make your mind healthy, just as your daily allotment of fruits and veggies nourishes your body. One news source, no matter how legit, just isn't enough. No matter where you stand on the scale from radical liberal t
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  • Manipulating The Media

    "Don't fool yourself into thinking things are simple. Nobody's lying and still the stories don't add up. Why do you try and get ahold of what you'll never get ahold of? You wouldn't try to put the ocean in a paper cup." - Ani Di Franco,
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  • Two Cities, Two Directions

    Like Spokane, Tacoma will decide this fall whether it should be operated by a city manager or a mayor. The debate on the other side of the state is instructive as Spokane weighs its own future because the two cities have so much

Music & Film

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  • Tha Doggfather

    No pretense of journalistic objectivity here, folks. I love Snoop Dogg. How could I not? I was in the eighth grade in 1992 -- the same year that Snoop Doggy Dogg exploded onto the music scene, rapping on fe
  • Film
  • Beating The Odds

    Horse racing movies have come and gone in the past. Phar Lap is one of the best, Casey's Shadow is underrated, The Story of Seabiscuit (a 1949 Shirley Temple vehicle) is one of the sappiest. But the genre now gets a full-fledged, good old-fas

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