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  • Sep 11-17, 2003
  • Vol. 10, No. 48

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  • Fall Arts Books - Michael Moore

    Thank goodness for Stupid White Men. In a world increasingly given to soft-sell punditry and less-than-forthcoming leadership, a few pudgy, sloppy and self-righteous white guys have decided to take back a portion of the political dialogu
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  • Fall Arts - Visual Arts

    It's a testament to the vitality and commitment of local artists, art supporters and arts patrons that even in hard economic times, the Inland Northwest has an astonishing variety of arts venues and activities to choose from. Just this fall
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  • Fall Arts - Books

    What does language mean? Not: "How does language make you feel?" or "What are your best memories of language?" or even "What comes to mind when I say 'language?'" Consider what language actually means... that language, by definition, shou
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  • Fall Arts - Film

    After its summer-long orgy of sequels and based-on-a-comic-book masterpieces, Hollywood catches its breath here for a couple of months. It reloads its hit machine by November, but during September and October, a few other film offer
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  • Fall Arts Theatre - Saving Interplayers

    There almost wasn't an Interplayers season to preview -- and the theater's situation remains financially precarious. Still, one way to preview what's coming in local theater -- and what needs to continue happening -- is to look back on the w
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  • Fall Arts - Classical Music

    The new fall season of the arts brings changes to the area's classical music organizations. As our reports in recent weeks detailed, arts groups across the region face serious financial challenges, whether due to a faltering economy or a
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  • Fall Arts - Kids

    Get out your kitchen calendar and start marking down these dates; there are plenty of things to do with the entire family between now and Christmas. Children's Theater -- There's an active youth theater community in this area, and they'r
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  • Fall Arts - Theatre

    My fellow thespians: We are gathered here today that we might pay tribute to the generations of theatergoers before us, who have filled playhouses all over our Evergreen land in pursuit of jubilation, edification and concatenation. But in
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  • Fall Arts Classical - Ballet Spokane

    Janet Wilder's dream has come true: The Inland Northwest finally has a professional dance company. Ballet Spokane is a small troupe of dancers with experiences ranging from work with the Serbian National Theatre Ballet, to schooling in New
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  • Fall Arts Pop Music - Emmylou Harris

    It might seem a little strange of us to include the Maryhill Winery - nearly five hours away on the north bank of the Columbia River -- in our Fall Arts Preview. But even though the winery is just an hour or two upstream from Portland, Maryh
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  • Fall Arts - Pop Music

    As the summer festival season draws to a close, all eyes (well, our eyes, anyway) turn to the gradually cooling months ahead and to the live music we'll all be enjoying indoors in the very near future. This is only a brief preview of the
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  • Fall Arts Visual Arts - Chris Bruce

    For six days in October, visitors to the WSU Museum of Art will find Andy Warhol's well-known "Athletes Series," as well as several of his trademark Campbell's soup cans. It's an exhibit that would be rare in the Inland Northwest, much less
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  • Fall Arts Film - Hangman's Curse

    When AMC River Park Square opened in the summer of 1999, it had an ace in the hole from an unlikely source. A locally produced film, The Basket, helped launch the new theater in downtown Spokane, and it wound up playing for 12 weeks
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  • Fall Arts Pop Music - The Big Easy

    Over at the former Metro Block (the property between Sprague and First, just West of the Met), some major changes are afoot. (Like you hadn't noticed already.) What's happening is the busy renovation and new construction that will very so
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  • Fall Arts Books - David Guterson

    Seattle author David Guterson seems to have a thing about trees. You may have heard of one of his earlier books, Snow Falling on Cedars. Not only was this story, set on a fishing island in the Puget Sound, a critical and commercial succe
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  • Fall Arts Kids - Monart

    Do you remember that one in kid in your class who was just so good at drawing? It didn't matter if it was elephants, coffee pots, cars or landscapes -- somehow this kid always got it right. You stared. You compared. And you decided that yo
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  • Fall Arts Visual Arts - Charles Krafft

    Let's just get the obvious out of the way, shall we? This ain't your mama's porcelain. It might be covered in sprightly blue Delft patterns -- little rosebuds and things of that ilk -- and it may shine with the self-satisfied purity of fine b
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  • Fall Arts Theatre - Gypsy At The Civic

    From 1959-61, both The Miracle Worker and Gypsy were running on Broadway. The little girl who starred as Helen Keller in the one show was already known as Patty Duke; now, four decades later, the woman who has become Anna Pearce has the l
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  • Fall Arts Classical - Spokane String Quartet

    This year, the Spokane String Quartet celebrates its 25th season of making music in the Inland Northwest and beyond. Founded in 1979 as the quartet-in-residence at Eastern Washington University, the SSQ has toured Europe and played Carne
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  • Fall Arts - Dance

    There's a Zimbabwean proverb that goes, "If you can talk, you can sing; if you can walk, you can dance." Empowering, perhaps, but not particularly accurate. Plenty of people know firsthand that singing and dancing should be left to those w

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