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  • Apr 15-21, 2004
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  • Wine Lists and Mixed Drinks

    When a nice evening becomes an unforgettable night out, often much of the credit is due to good ol' alcohol. Where maybe people were on their best behavior over dinner -- perhaps commenting on what a nice flavor the salmon has this time of
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  • Judgement Delayed

    On Tuesday morning, federal Judge Edward Shea postponed the River Park Square parking garage trial that had been set to begin on Monday. The night before, the Spokane City Council had agreed to issue new debt to buy out all holders
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  • Now Playing

    50 First Dates -- Drew Barrymore has genuine sparks with a (surprisingly) sweet Adam Sandler. But neither of them brings any sense of character to this story about a relationship that must start anew each day due to Barrymore's short-ter
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  • That Indefinable Charm

    Choosing a restaurant to patronize? Well, my friend, there are issues to consider. Paramount, of course, are those relating to food and service. After you've decided on what you're going to slide down your gullet, the food variable is nea
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  • Jake's Take- Where to Live?

    Spokane's reputation is that of a great place to raise a family. There are a lot of classic neighborhoods to grow up in, like the historic Corbin Park neighborhood or the well-shaded Manito Park area. I myself was raised in the Altamont ne
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  • Low Carbs, High Volume

    This started out as an article on whether people's dining habits have changed since the "mad cow" scare last December. It sounded like an interesting angle. After a few calls to local chefs and restaurant owners, however, I found that di
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  • Turns for the Better

    In the foothills of Mount Spokane, everything sparkles. The mountain's wet snowcap glistens. Mica flecks twinkle in the road. And waxy evergreens, washed of their winter dust, catch the sunlight on the way to Mountain Dome winery, where
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  • Letters to the Editor

    Postcard From Miami -- I am a former resident of Spokane, and I miss the Inlander every day. Your wonderful articles, the best written with a humanistic slant, convey not merely the information but the feeling of the subject. Now that
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  • DVD Review

    Just friends" isn't necessarily a bad thing. Although our culture tends to view such an arrangement as the emotional equivalent of getting a glass of warm milk instead of some much-desired rack of lamb, there is much to be said for the stea
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  • Setting a Mood for Food

    William Pahlmann, a noted interior designer, says that ambience is an "unstudied grace." While Pahlmann himself and others in his field devote their lives to creating comfortable, aesthetically pleasing environs, most people aren't privy t
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  • Buzz Bin

    Hillyard Skate Park! -- It seems that Spokane has finally gotten over the fact that kids enjoy riding on wooden boards with wheels. As one of Spokane's neighborhoods that isn't often thought of as "kid-friendly," the residents of Hillyar
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  • Can We Help?

    I was having dinner at the Italian Kitchen a couple of months ago with a friend of mine. Not being really familiar with the menu, and trying to make a good impression, I went with the lasagna. I love lasagna -- I mean, what's more perfect
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  • Three Women and a Happy Hour

    Rock City Grill, River Park Square, 455-4400 -- We hadn't been here since they moved from their longtime location on Riverside -- and we have to say, Rock City's new digs are very nice. The bar is done up in
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  • Coming Clean

    There are so many interesting things to be noted about the Spokesman-Review's eight-day investigation of itself that it would be easy to overlook how historic an event it was. For more than a century, the Cowles name almost never appe
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  • Year of the Monkey

    Interest in Japanese culture seems to be at an all-time high, even in a land-locked city like Spokane. Maybe it's the popularity of Lost in Translation or even Maximum Extreme Challenge. Maybe it's the gradual influence o
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  • Recently Reviewed

    Metro Caf & eacute; -- The Metro has been serving lunch-hungry downtowners, cafeteria-style, at this location for 19 years. The colorful menu boards change daily and feature sandwiches, casseroles, salads and something called the Daily Fresh Car
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  • Book Review

    Although they were a good 40 or so years younger, the three Bront & euml; sisters - Anne, Emily and Charlotte - have not aged nearly as well as Jane Austen. For decades, the popularity of the wildly imagined Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights ran ne
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  • Opening Films

    Connie and Carla -- If you've seen the trailer, then you already know that Connie and Carla can best be described as Laverne & amp; Shirley meets Some Like it Hot meets Victor/Victoria. Two Midwestern gals (Toni Collette, Nia Vardalos) with b
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  • Three Men and a Drive-In

    Zip's, multiple Inland Northwest locations -- There are at least 19 Zip's drive-ins in the immediate region, yet no two are exactly alike. They all feature the standards like the Papa Joe. And in many
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  • Judgement Delayed 4/15/04

    On Tuesday morning, federal Judge Edward Shea postponed the River Park Square parking garage trial that had been set to begin on Monday. The night before, the Spokane City Council had agreed to issue new debt to buy out all h
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  • Semi-Tough

    Mike Ditka is staring me down, trying to intimidate me with his icy, unblinking blue eyes. The fleshy finger of his left hand is extended and aimed, pistol-like, directly at my face. The guy looks ruthless. Cruel. Downright menacing. Which
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  • Micro-Roasting

    The term "cuppa Joe" sounds so average -- like it's a drink meant for just any Schmo. So describing a cup of Terry and Rebecca Patano's specialty roasted coffee as "Joe" is hardly accurate -- a cup of Doma tastes more like a "cup of Dominic"
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  • Meet the Defendants

    Here's a quick look at the various defendants in the pending litigation surrounding the failing River Park Square parking garage. Although Walker Parking has settled out this week, it is still listed here to provide context. And ev
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  • Seeking Single Women

    Trend-conscious candidates beware: Do not get caught courting soccer moms or NASCAR dads. They're so over. This year's hot new swing voter is the single woman. And with very good reason: Although single women account for one-fifth
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  • In Brief

    One Dirty River -- SPOKANE -- Every year, the organization American Rivers publishes a list of the country's most endangered rivers. This year, the Spokane River is number six out of 10. This year's most end
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  • CD Review

    The probability of a band signing a major record deal in today's high stakes market is slim at best -- and that's on a good day. However, every once in a while, a band like Campfire Girls comes along and shatters stereotypes about how the
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  • The Motions Carry

    It was strangely quiet at City Hall Monday night, prior to the Spokane City Council meeting. In the "good old" River Park Square days, when critics and supporters filled the chambers, the half hour before the meeting was the best time to

Music & Film

  • Music
  • Princesses of Punk

    Want to piss off an all-female rock band? Then call them a "girl band" -- it's completely condescending. Think about it this way: When categorizing a poppy all-male group of no-talent pretty boys like the Backstreet Boys
  • Film
  • Making a Killing

    If you didn't see Vol. 1, you have no business being here. It's not that this isn't a complete film on its own - there's plenty of voice over backtracking to bring it all up to date -- but if you haven't seen the first one, you're missing a bi

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