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  • May 6-12, 2004
  • Vol. 11, No. 30

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  • Good Golly Miss Molly

    Up until a few months ago, I never paid attention to the steep-pitched roof and quasi-Swiss windows of the building at the corner of Third and Lincoln. It had been an IHOP and now it was something else. Aside from noticing that the blue roo
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  • Game Review

    Manhunt is a video game from Rockstar Games -- the same company that made the Grand Theft Auto series. It's not as fun as those games, nor as addicting, but Manhunt is a game that has been made by people who take games seriously, and it
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  • DVD Review

    When I saw this movie five months ago, I really wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt. And in spite of the obviousness of its plot -- "older women are sexy too" -- the implausibility of its scenarios (not least of which was seeing Keanu
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  • Time to Pay the Fare

    On Sunday, thousands of runners took the bus to get to the start of Bloomsday. A $1 sticker guaranteed a ride to and from outlying parking areas and a chance to mingle with fellow Bloomies. Yet taking the bus downtown may not be an option
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  • Male Culpa

    After The Bitch in the House, Cathi Hanauer's book about contemporary women's issues, hit the New York Times bestseller list and women's book groups everywhere, readers, writers and reviewers wondered: What are the men in their lives thinki
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  • Take Two

    Right after the credits roll, Envy tries its first joke. As they're driving to work, Nick Vanderpark (Jack Black) notices a spot of maple syrup on his best friend Tim Dingman's pants. Even before you know what he's doing, he reaches over
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  • Farewell, Fabio

    This Friday night, Spokane bids farewell to Fabio Mechetti, the music director of the Spokane Symphony since 1993. Early in his career in Spokane, Mechetti made his focus clear: the orchestra. Dedicated to building the orchestra -- in te
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  • The Long Winter

    Kent Haruf is a nice guy. He's the kind of guy who, if he misses your call for a scheduled interview, calls you right back and apologizes profusely, wanting you to know it was his mistake and nobody else's fault but his own. His voice is sl
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  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    No April's Fool -- We first told you about Jody Caldarulo back in March, when the veteran kicked off his walk across the nation in Riverfront Park. Caldarulo is following Highway 80 across the nation to reach Washington, D.C., in time fo
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  • Introducing the Crossroads Project

    Small towns loom large in the American imagination. In the nation's earliest days, Thomas Jefferson imagined a land filled with yeoman farmers, happily fulfilling both agrarian and republican ideals. More recently, Norman Rockwe
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  • Opening Films

    New York Minute -- Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen grew up in front of American audiences as Michelle, the irritatingly adorable little girl on the television show Full House. For a while they languished in direct-to-video schlock, until Holl
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  • Essentially Elegant

    Professor Henry Hill had 76 trombones; Mead's music man, Terry Lack, has only four. But in the Mead High School Jazz Ensemble, Lack also has five saxophones, five trumpets and a five-member rhythm section -- and later this month, he'll be
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  • The Art of Imperfection

    Americans have an endearing but na & iuml;ve quality: We're always trying to make life perfect. It's nice that we like to work at self-improvement, but in doing so, many of us tend to believe that trendy design philosophies, whether shabby chic o
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  • Recently Reviewed

    The MAC Caf & eacute; -- This quiet lunch spot is bright and sparkling with great views and lots of natural light. Menu items include soups like the house tomato basil bisque and a rotating chef's special ($2.50 a cup), salads like the Caesar ($5
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  • Introducing the Crossroads Project

    Small towns loom large in the American imagination. In the nation's earliest days, Thomas Jefferson imagined a land filled with yeoman farmers, happily fulfilling both agrarian and republican ideals. More recently, Norman Rockwell
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  • Inland Northwest Crossroads

    The Bank of Whitman anchors one corner of Endicott's downtown -- D Street and Third -- and the post office door sits under a small awning a couple of buildings away. But the hub of activity is Endicott Foods, the surprisingly larg
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  • Now Playing

    13 Going on 30 -- Despite resemblances to many, many movies that have come before, this Big-like bite of bubble gum -- directed by Tadpole's Gary Winick -- is the kind of flawed but effervescent romantic comedy that soars on the chemistry
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  • Buzz Bin

    Stranger Things... -- It's not every day you get to read something like this subhead in a Seattle newspaper: "Northwest Bookfest is a ridiculous disaster. Meanwhile, Spokane just hosted an awesome book festival. Why can't we?" Yeah. You r
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  • Second Chance in Seattle

    Edgar Martinez, who hits baseballs as hard as Tonya Harding hits boyfriends, was eating lunch in the near-vacant Seattle Mariners clubhouse when something caught his eye on the television. Fifteen minutes later, Martinez had yet to take
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  • Breaking Point

    The U.S. Army faces a gathering threat that is more dangerous to its long-run capability than Saddam Hussein ever was. That danger, according to military strategists, lies in a foreign and military policy that is stretching the force
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  • Factoid Follies

    We call them "Advanced Placement Examinations," and our more aspiring high school students will be taking this year's menu of tests over the next few days. AP exams are designed to measure knowledge and so-called "critical thinking" skill
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  • CD Review

    The beautiful irony of Modest Mouse, of course, is that there is nothing remotely modest or mousy about them. In fact, their first album in four years gives off the distinct aroma of -- for lack of a better way to put it -- hot shit (and espe
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  • In Brief

    Fair Day for Fair Trade -- SPOKANE -- In the global economy, there's no denying that consumers depend on foreign trade to get everything from a morning cup of Joe to the materials that clothe our bodies. Critics, however, charge that much o

Music & Film

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  • She Loves Rock 'n' Roll

    Self-reliance, determination and purity of essence have been hallmarks of Joan Jett's career since she first set out -- after the demise of her first band, the Runaways, in the late 1970s -- to carve her own slice of the ro
  • Film
  • Monster Mash

    The last time so many famous monsters got together was in 1948's Abbott & amp; Costello Meet Frankenstein, a silly, but memorable horror-comedy. Variations of some of the same fiends appear here -- the Frankenstein monster, Count Dracula, the Wolfm

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