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  • Jul 8-14, 2004
  • Vol. 11, No. 39

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  • Diary of a Grunt

    He just wanted to get away. In 1962, a Mead High School graduate but also a self-described "18-year-old cast-off," Jim Nichols wasn't much interested in academics. The Air Force seemed like a good fit, so he headed down to the recruiti
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  • Opening Films

    Anchorman -- Will Ferrell (insert laugh track here) is back after his triumphant performance in Elf. Talk about an Oscar snub! Ferrell, who co-wrote this script, plays a '70s-era TV anchorman who gets a big old can of women's lib opened
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  • Squatter's Rights

    You've probably seen it on the news: a growing number of homeless men and women have set up a makeshift village on the grassy street medians along Riverside Avenue, across from the Spokane Club, the offices of the Catholic Diocese of Spoka
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  • Mountain Man Musical

    Fur trappers — their boots caked with mud, pieces of cooked rabbit dangling from their scraggly beards — don't seem like prime candidates for breaking into song.
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  • Buzz Bin

    Feat of Clay -- After more than 10 years and countless colorful plates, bowls, tiles, switch plates and teapots, the popular DIY ceramic painting shop Art by Yourself is closing. In spite of being a regular participant in such downtown c
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  • Now Playing

    Adrenaline Rush -- Adrenaline Rush is not only for those who turn to the IMAX for a bit of stomach-twisting, nausea-inducing, gravity-defying armchair extreme sport action; it's also for those who get all the adrenaline they need from ap
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  • No More Surface Parking

    Last October, while attending a joint conference sponsored by the Washington State Chapter of the American Planning Association and the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation, I had the opportunity to stay at the beautifully renovate
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  • Lucy & amp;amp; Friends

    "One day, Bill Orr called me and said there were two New York actors in town, and Warner Bros. would pay the tab if I would take them out to dinner. 'We're very interested in signing one of them,' he said." Lucy Marlow is recalling a day
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  • They're Loving It

    Stuffed with turkey after a Thanksgiving feast at his parents' house in West Virginia, New York-based TV producer Morgan Spurlock, 33, had what he calls a "sadistic epiphany." "This is a great bad idea," he recalls thinking. It was 2002, a
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  • Broadway Beckons

    It's not often that a star-is-born plot features a real, live star being born. But in 42nd Street, the 1980 musical about a Depression-era newcomer stepping into the starring role in a Broadway show, Meghan Bayha, a 20-year-old student at
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  • DVD Review

    While TV viewers in the states were whooping it up each week with Belushi, Aykroyd, Radner & amp; Co. on Saturday Night Live, something equally funny was going on north of the border in Toronto at the famed improvisational comedy factory, Seco
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  • A Landlord's Nightmare

    When I found your article "Lots and Lots of Parking Lots" in the June 17 issue of The Inlander, I thought to myself that this would be another rant by an automobile hater wanting to turn back the clock in downtown Spokane such that it wou
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  • Jake's Take - On the Take

    I thought it would be good to provide some other "Takes" on life in Spokane for people like me in their 20s. These are quotes I have been gathering for different articles while asking around for my own interest; some are from e-mails I was
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  • Take Two

    Fahrenheit 9/11 is a low-budget, gumption-driven political potboiler that explores the attacks of 9/11 and the subsequent war in Iraq. It's already poised to become this summer's My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and at times it's sensational en
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  • Book Review

    While the entire rest of the country is settling into David Sedaris' Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim, I spent my weekend completely immersed in locusts. Not literally, mind you - that would be gross. But Jeffrey Lockwood's Locust is
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  • Show & amp;amp; Shine at the Les Schwab Car Show

    Part of our new focus on automobiles is on car owners and what they do with or to their rides. Usually automobile owners like to show off their pride and joy - and what better way to celebrate the relationship between people and their mac
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  • In Brief

    Dirty Sources -- SPOKANE -- The polluted Spokane River seems to be the hottest topic of conversation around town lately, but does anyone ever think about how the pollution should be tackled? As the old saying advises, go to
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  • Squatter's Rights

    & & You've probably seen it on the news: a growing number of homeless men and women have set up a makeshift village on the grassy street medians along Riverside Avenue, across from the Spokane Club, the offices of the Catholic Diocese o
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  • CD Review

    Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn sings with the voice of a little girl and with the conviction of a grown woman. Both her voice and her lyrics work to defy musical convention and expectation to create something surprising. C'mon Miracle (K Records),
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  • Expiration Date Coming

    Attention, al-Qaida sleeper cells, domestic terrorists, school shooters, David Koresh wannabes and bloodthirsty lunatics everywhere: Be sure to mark Sept. 13 in your day planners because -- thanks to President Bush and his GOP pals in
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  • Showing Solidarity

    In Tempe, Ariz., marchers from organizations like the Free to Camp Coalition, Food Not Bombs, Act Out and several others, hit the streets last November to protest an ordinance that prohibited the homeless from setting up temporary shel
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  • Inland NW Crossroads- Oroville, Wash.

    Border towns have a sensibility that's different from other rural communities. Such towns can be the end of the road or a gateway to a whole new world, depending on one's perspective. The north-central Washington city of Oroville -- popul
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  • Survival and Revival in Libby

    Nearly five years have passed since the news first broke about Libby, Mont., and the deaths of hundreds of its people due to asbestos poisoning. Sixty years of vermiculite mining was the culprit. The human health emergency sparked a flurry o

Music & Film

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  • Messiah Complex

    DJ Messiah agrees with Pink. Yes, that Pink. The pop star who dyes her hair pink and wear shirts that say 'pink' and who sings about kicking butt and getting into all kinds of Pink-ish trouble. But she al
  • Film
  • Arthur the New

    Oh, those Romans. Back in the fifth century, they were determined to rule the world, which of course included all of Britain. And as this vivid and imaginative telling of the Arthurian legend begins, young Lancelot is seen being taken from hi

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