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  • Sep 16-22, 2004
  • Vol. 11, No. 49

News & Comment

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  • Opening Films

    Control Room -- Control Room goes behind the scenes at CentComm and al-Jazeera satellite television as Baghdad is occupied. A documentary that elevates the estimable conventions of cinema verite, it demonstrates that the director of Star
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  • Letters to the Editor

    Big Mac Attack -- Former president Clinton's coronary bypass surgery should be a wake-up call for the millions of Americans whose chosen lifestyles elevate their risk of heart disease. According to the American Heart Association, more
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  • The New Dodge

    It's not unusual for automobile manufacturers to redesign a specific model or even two and then put together a cool concept car to turn the heads of fickle auto reviewers. However, Dodge has taken this idea and turned it inside out. The c
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  • Fall Arts Dance - King Arthur

    Spokane's finest actors, a troupe of professional dancers and a small baroque ensemble have learned how to play nice this year. After years of performing separately, this fall Theatre Ballet of Spokane, Allegro Baroque and a handful of the
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  • Fall Arts Pop & amp;amp; Jazz

    The dog days of summer are beginning to relinquish their bite. That's fine with us. But that first nip of fall in the air also reminds us of our sworn duty to alert fellow Spokane art patrons about the coming season of music, specifically
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  • Fall Arts Visual Arts - Patti Warashina

    I'll never forget the first time I saw a Patti Warashina teapot. It was at Gonzaga University's Jundt Art Museum, and if I remember correctly it was part of a "Spokane Collects" exhibit curated from the private collection of Jim Kolva and P
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  • Accounting Lessons

    Mel Brooks' The Producers ridicules Jews, blacks and women. Of course, it also goes out of its way to make fun of little old ladies, the Irish, lesbians, Adolf Hitler, theater producers, Swedes, gay men, straight men, the Village People,
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  • Fall Arts Classical - Cd'A Symphony

    Something is happening in Coeur d'Alene: The performing arts scene is bursting at the seams. For David Demand, director of the Coeur d'Alene Symphony, the community's increasing interest and investment in the arts means the symphony's 26th
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  • Fall Arts Jazz - It's About Time

    With recording technology as advanced and as affordable as it is today, the sonic power once found only in the most prestigious studios in the world is now available to your typical high school garage band. Today's young musicians have it
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  • Fall Arts Theater - Painting Churches

    Kate Vander Wende started this," says Bob Welch, referring to Interplayers' marketing director and her idea of replacing the previously scheduled season-opening show with Tina Howe's Painting Churches -- and of inviting Interplayers found
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  • Wrong Door

    Talk about your character studies! Here's Anna, in her mid-30s but looking world-weary, stuck in a bad marriage, with no one to talk to about it. And there's William, a decade or so older, totally set in his neatnick ways, toiling at the tax
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  • Eighth Grade All Over

    It's 10:45 on a Friday night. I am doing the final walk-through of the book department and my last task before heading home is the "turn-around." I must go up and down each aisle to "turn around" specific books whose fronts have been covere
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  • Fighting No More

    Sept. 21 is the centennial of the death of Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce. His grave, on a hill at the edge of the dusty little Native American village of Nespelem, 16 miles north of Grand Coulee Dam, deserves to be an important American
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  • Fall Arts Dance

    To this day, I'm not really sure how I ended up on the dance floor with my Aunt Eileen, who was now four, five or even six sheets to the wind. Suddenly inspired to dance, she grabbed my wrist and coaxed me onto the crowded dance floor at m
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  • Fall Arts Lectures - Morgan Spurlock

    We all know that fast food is bad for us, but how bad is bad? That's what filmmaker Morgan Spurlock sought to find out by becoming a guinea pig in the one-man medical experiment documented in his award-winning film, Super Size Me. Spurlo
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  • Fall Arts Visual Arts - Jim Dine and the Walla Walla Foundry

    It might be easy to dismiss the southeastern corner of Washington state as a vast "No Arts Zone" -- just a few small cities, some lonely stretches of highway, and seemingly endless expanses of wheat and basalt. But the first fall show in WSU
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  • Shake the Yoke

    Add credit cards to the list of Weapons of Mass Destruction. Unlike the purported ones in Iraq, these little pieces of plastic are not hard to find; the average American household has about seven of them in use, which shouldn't be surprisi
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  • Fall Arts Books - Kathleen Dean Moore

    Where is the edge of an island? Does it vary between high tide and low? What about tide pools on the beach? And what of the submerged surface linking the island to the mainland? Distinctions that seemed so clear suddenly lose clarity upo
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  • Fall Arts Film - Flicker Fest

    Want to make a movie? You're in luck, because there has never been a better time to get into filmmaking. All it takes is a modest investment in gear, an eye for composition and an idea. Film students and self-taught amateurs are picking
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  • Fall Arts Theater

    Interplayers, the Civic and Lake City Playhouse are all under new management; CenterStage is trying out a new strategy (selling season tickets); over at SFCC, the Actors Rep is just plain new. Time, then, to renew your ticket-buying commi
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  • Now Playing

    Alien vs. Predator -- Hollywood has been trying to get these two badasses together for years. And since both the baddies rely on special effects more than acting to succeed, most of the film's work will have to be done by the director. I
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  • Fall Arts 2004

    & & Fall is in the air and that means yet another season of art and entertainment in the Pacific Inland Northwest. From Pop & amp; Jazz to Visual Arts there's something for everyone. Join as us as we celebrate the rich culture and art that
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  • Buzz Bin

    Easy, Tiger -- It might be hard to believe, but the founders of the national Take Back Your Time movement claim that "medieval peasants worked less than you do." While you might feel a little weird about begrudging your gap-toothed ances
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  • Fall Arts Classical Music

    In an era of iPods and satellite radio, you can get your classical jones whenever and wherever you want. So why bother with the time and hassle of live concerts? Because when a Shostakovich quartet or a Donizetti operetta are relegated
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  • Fall Arts Kids - Missoula Children's Theater

    If there's a kid anywhere in the world with an ounce of stage talent, chances are the Missoula Children's Theater will find him or her. That's because, despite being based in Montana, the theater has a presence in all 50 states and
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  • Fall Arts Visual Arts

    From the moment we can first curl our chubby fingers around a green Crayola, we're driven by the urge to make pictures of the world around us. We can do it nice - on appropriate paper with the right colors in the right places - or we can do
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  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    Behind the Attack -- Many people were surprised to hear that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce turned out to be the group responsible for the attack ads on former Washington State Insurance Commissioner Deborah Senn, who was running for Attor
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  • Fall Arts Books & amp;amp; Lectures

    All of the arts are about expression, of course, but perhaps none is more direct about communication than writing and speaking. Although reading and listening are solitary activities, the circle of communication is not complete until pe
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  • Fall Arts Film

    For better or worse, summertime is blockbuster time at the local cinema. All those car chases and car crashes, superheroes and supervillains, aliens and predators, bullet hail storms and blooming mortar shells represent an all-out assault
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  • Fall Arts Pop - Myles Kennedy

    Myles Kennedy finally got the hell out of here. "Really got the hell out of here," he laughs via phone from his new home in Orlando, Fla. Things are happening fast for this Spokane native and former lead singer with former Epic recording
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  • DVD Review

    When Girl with a Pearl Earring first came through Spokane last winter, I went to see it with two artsy/literary friends. My friend Kris enjoyed it as much as I did, but her husband Andy kept insisting that "it was nice to look at, but what
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  • Book Review

    You know you're riding pop culture's biggest wave when Knopf publishes excerpts from your literary journal. That's the case here, as Created in Darkness by Troubled Americans is "the best of McSweeney's humor category." McSweeney's,
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  • Fall Arts Classical - Eckart Preu

    The new music director of the Spokane Symphony Orchestra is seated with his knees up around his chin, making steering-wheel motions with his hands. "My first car was a Trabant," he says, acting out what it was like to drive one of the tin
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  • Fall Arts Kids

    Kids keep you going, that's for sure. And since the Spokane Interstate Fair only runs through Sunday, you'll need some help this fall. Luckily, there are lots of special events coming up that will entertain and enlighten kids young
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  • Fall Arts Theater - Spokane Civic Theater

    It's been nearly four months since Jack Phillips was fired as executive director of the Spokane Civic Theatre. What's up at the Civic since then? Jack Delehanty has been hired as interim artistic director, for one thing. Delehanty, who ta
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  • Digging Yourself Out

    So you've got debt. And it's growing. You're only paying the minimums. You're living paycheck to paycheck, with no money left over. And creditors are calling you. If any one of these things is happening, the experts say you need a little h
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  • Tale of Two Nations

    John Kerry is suddenly being bombarded with more advice than an obese, alcoholic, unwed teenage mother seated between Dr. Laura and Dr. Phil on a cross-country bus trip. Spurred by Bush's convention bounce, jittery Democrats of every
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  • In Brief

    Village People -- SPOKANE/SANDPOINT - Strip malls have become icons of bland suburban America; though built for growth and commerce, distantly located big box stores with desert-sized parking lots can stifle other aspects of
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  • CD Review

    As enamored as I am of anything quaint, old-timey and Gillian Welch-like, it's surprising that it took me an entire summer to discover Jolie Holland. The CD cover is just the kind of thing I go for -- a bold typeface reminiscent of what Sun
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  • The $200 Billion Question

    In September 2002, Lawrence Lindsey, then the White House's chief economic advisor, was asked by the Wall Street Journal to predict the economic cost of the looming war in Iraq. Lindsey should have expected the question; the Bush administ

Music & Film

  • Music
  • Rock 'n' Roll Diary

    The Pacific Northwest has always enjoyed a reputation for spawning -- and nurturing -- a breed of rock 'n' roll characterized by energy, daring and utterly shameless thrills. And like the contrasting geograph
  • Film
  • Serial Thriller

    The story behind this film is such that one day it might be a thing of Hollywood legend. Computer geek -- sorry, I meant computer expert -- Kerry Conran sat down at his Mac and started fooling around with a bunch of visual effects programs. His

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