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  • Sep 30 - Oct 6, 2004
  • Vol. 11, No. 51


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    Takes One to Know One -- Maybe it was a Freudian slip, but out on the campaign trail last week, President Bush offered another justification for his big tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. At a stop in Virginia, he slammed John Kerry
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  • VAT - Dan McCann

    Dan McCann's studio is a well-lit room in the basement of his house. On the work table is an assortment of intriguing small items -- tiny porcelain hands, antique hardware, beads, a few papery sections of wasp nest, and miniature hummingbird
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  • Now Playing

    American Graffiti -- Before Star Wars, there was American Graffiti. George Lucas recreates the wild days of his youth (hot rodding in Modesto, Calif.) in this 1973 hit, which was in turn set in the more innocent time of 1962. Richard Dre
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  • Buzz Bin

    Cinema Judaica -- According to legend, the 1933 song "Gloomy Sunday" was so successfully melancholy that over the years it's driven dozens of listeners (and reputedly its own composer) to suicide. Inspired by the true story of the "Hunga
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  • Visual Arts listings

    Venues open Friday, Oct. 1, from 5-9 pm and Saturday, Oct. 2, from 10 am-6 pm, unless otherwise noted. Numbered venues can be found on the handy map on page 19 of the printed product now available on newsstan
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  • Asian Tour

    Duane Hagadone has decided to bring a little of the Orient to little Coeur d'Alene in the form of the new Bonsai Bistro. The restaurant is a Coeur d'Alene Resort property, housed in a renovated '70s concrete building just across the s
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  • Letters to the Editor

    Scooter Laws -- The Spokane Police Traffic Unit is tasked with the responsibility of enforcing traffic laws and investigating collisions. We have noticed a sudden increase in the number of motorized scooters, skateboards and other moto
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  • Save the Twinkie!

    It almost seemed like a joke, or a headline that had been invented by The Onion: "Judge orders IBC to keep making Twinkies," the Business Journal of Kansas City headline announced. Good God, I thought to myself. This is my kind of news. I
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  • Mean Reefs

    As seems to happen with every new computer-animated film that's released, the boundaries of the craft have again been stretched. The colors are brighter, the characters are sharper, the sets are more stunning. That the story is a little flat,
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  • Book Review

    The world distrusts America, and not just because of Iraq. Other countries' high school history books present varying perspectives, of course. But History Lessons: How Textbooks From Around the World Portray U.S. History demonstrates that
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  • VAT - Music

    In addition to all the works of visual art you will find on display at this fall's Visual Arts Tour, you tourists d'art will also get a chance to experience methods of personal and group expression that fall a bit outside of the VAT's tra
  • Local News
  • Too Soggy

    Let's hear it for a film that wants to put its story on track from the get-go. This firefighter drama starts with a big conflagration, loads up the screen with terrifying explosions within a big building, and before a few minutes have gone by
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  • Going Platinum

    Going over the top is harder when, on the inside, you feel like you've hit bottom. Mae West flaunted all the glittering curves and facets of her sexuality because -- mix and match your explanations, folks -- she was vain, she wanted to be f
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  • DVD Review

    Conservative Mormon folks from Salt Lake City, liberal Jewish queers from New York: polar opposites in the American political and psychosexual landscape. Without forfeiting its political agenda, Tony Kushner's Angels in America merges th
  • Local News
  • Save the Senate

    The passion invested by the Democratic faithful in taking back the White House has meant that not enough has been said about the imperative of taking back control of the place John Kerry will hopefully be leaving -- the U.S. Senate.
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  • VAT - Dean Davis Studio

    There's nothing keeping you from checking out the largest gallery in Spokane -- even if it appears that there's a building standing in your path. When you walk around the industrial-looking brick edifice, you'll find an untapped and semi-se
  • Local News
  • Opening Films

    Jewish Film Festival -- Taking place Oct. 2-6 at the Met, the Jewish Film Festival offers three highly acclaimed films on Jewish culture and Jewish personages. Emma Goldman: An Exceedingly Dangerous Woman (not rated) profiles the grandmo
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  • Citizen Cho

    I've forgotten to breathe. In a few seconds I'm going to be talking to Margaret Cho, and for a brief, skittery moment it hits me that I'm terrified. I don't get this way about just anybody. In my five years here at The Inlander I've intervi
  • Local News
  • You Can Buy Two!

    There is something to be said about a decent new vehicle that falls into the "everyman" price range. Something that will be reliable, look pretty good and get you where you want to go. The Kia Rio is just such a car. There aren't a whole
  • Local News
  • Recently Reviewed

    Kim Do Vietnamese Restaurant -- Kim Do makes it easy to enjoy authentically prepared Vietnamese dishes -- and great service, too. The family-run restaurant is cheerful, very tidy and spotlessly clean. Each table is outfitted with a stainl


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  • Looking Inside

    From the discovery of X-rays back in 1895, the wonder of seeing inside the human body without a scalpel has pushed scientists to develop better methods of getting under your skin. Here are the basic methods. X-Ray The old-school st
  • Opinion
  • In Brief

    Healthy Competition -- Olympia, Wash. -- Governor Gary Locke recently singed a proclamation declaring Sept. 18 as Washington Health Day, subsequently kicking off the Healthiest State in the Nation campaign. Sponsored by the Washington Healt
  • Opinion
  • A Heart Doctor Named Romeo

    Dr. Romeo Pavlic is one animated cardiologist. Even though he founded Inland Cardiology Associates 23 years ago, he still takes joy in his work. During an interview, he takes cell phone calls, then bounces out of the room to return with a
  • Opinion
  • Their Own Place

    When someone in the family gets sick, who takes the lead in accessing health care services? Chances are good it's the woman of the family, says Sherry Maughan, a registered nurse and the director of the new Women's Health Center at Spoka
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  • Caring For Women

    Back in the olden days -- say, 40 years ago, when I was a kid -- you'd never see the phrase, "women's health care." Mom saw the doctor when a baby was coming, and maybe she'd talk about "womanly" problems with him at her annual checkup, bu
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  • Agents of Influence?

    Did Ariel Sharon, the Prime Minister of Israel, run a covert program with operatives in high-level United States government positions to influence the Bush Admin-istration's decision to go to war in Iraq? The FBI wants to know. That's
  • Opinion
  • Gimme Back Yesterday

    The Makers are on the move. From here to there and from this place to that, Spokane's prodigal sons of rock 'n' roll move so fast you hardly have time to notice they've gone before the heat of their presence has cooled.
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  • The Healthy Weed

    Until I learned about the dandelion's curative properties, I saw the weed as an annoyance, one that signaled to neighbors and passersby that I was an inattentive homeowner and yard keeper. In fact, living out in the country like I do, it
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  • Boning Up On Nutrition

    There's nothing revolutionary about telling women they need to get more calcium in their diet; it's just the kind of message that deserves being repeated. It's a medical fact that women build bone density until about the age of 30;
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  • Under Your Skin

    Like many a mad scientist of his time, Wilhelm Roentgen was a tinkerer. One November night in 1895, the physicist went to his basement lab to play with cathode rays -- all the rage among his buddies at the time. That night, he went a
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  • Teaching Kids to Eat Right

    A few years ago, I was into flax seed. It is loaded with Omega 3 fatty acids, protein and antioxidants. And when I say I was into it, I mean I had a huge bag of it in my freezer and when I would open the door, little seeds would fa
  • Opinion
  • Better Health Starts Today

    Is there a perfect prescription for staying strong and disease-free? Medical experts agree that creating a healthy lifestyle is a great start. Prevention is the key to living long and well. Steps to a healthy life include eating a bala
  • Opinion
  • Torturing Local Doctors

    The doctor-patient relationship is one of the most important in any person's life. But Diana Hager, a Spokane OB/GYN, says the fear of being sued has made trusting her patients more difficult. "It's pretty miserable. You start to lose tha


  • Sound Advice
  • 'Medulla,' Bjork

    How comfortable do you like your music? More specifically, do you like your music to fit like a nice pair of fleece jammies (for fleece jammies music: see Norah Jones, Coldplay, etc.) or a great pair of 3-inch tall boots? There's nothing f

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