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  • Oct 14-20, 2004
  • Vol. 11, No. 53


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  • Buzz Bin

    Left Wide Open -- According to EWU professor John Shovic, as many as 75 percent of Spokane's wireless "access points" are as vulnerable as an unlocked Audi with the keys still in the ignition. Shovic would know -- he heads EWU's new cyber
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  • Opening Films

    The Corporation -- A smart, vital, hopeful, dense, and often very funny chock-a-block barrage of information about the force of business in contemporary life. Among other entertaining surmises, The Corporation uses the conceit that since
  • Local News
  • Secret Lives of Chefs

    As a dietitian," I often tell my students at the Inland Northwest Culinary Academy, "I lead a mentally tortured life." Let me explain: I walk into a grocery store and see the marketing within the store design. Pop and chips do not just "h
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  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    Baseball As Life -- Wouldn't a Boston Red Sox vs. Houston Astros World Series be the perfect backdrop to the final weeks of the Bush vs. Kerry race? Game Seven of the World Series -- if it goes that many games -- is scheduled for Sunday, O
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  • Puppet Masters

    Wooden puppets save the world. How's that different from any Jerry Bruckheimer movie, you ask? It's very different -- and almost the same -- in Team America: World Police, Trey Parker and Matt Stone's brilliantly mindless, wickedly profane, rel
  • Local News
  • In Search of a Good Latte

    I think I'm a marked woman. Or I've got a scarlet letter on my back. Maybe it's when the green aprons at Starbucks run my debit card, they whisper, "it's her" to their fellow baristas, and they burn my espresso shots. Whatever it is, I fee
  • Local News
  • Welcome to Chef School

    Most people who love cooking at home have flirted with the idea of studying the culinary arts. After all, if you love cooking, what could be better than spending every day doing what you love? But anyone who has worked in food service ca
  • Local News
  • Book Review

    Barry Lopez's most recent novel, Resistance, has designs on our modern concepts of safety, success, progress, patriotism and power; it is a 162-page meditation on forms of resistance that extend beyond protest or discord. It asks, at its c
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  • Now Playing

    The Bourne Supremacy -- Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) still doesn't know who he is or where he's come from, but he and his lover Marie (Franka Potente) just want to be left alone. Of course, they're not, and there will be hell to pay. Damon
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  • Righteous Beans

    On a bright October morning, I pull into the parking lot of Craven's Coffee at the Riverwalk complex, just south of the Gonzaga District. Inside the unassuming storefront, employees work, relaxed but efficient, around two massive vintage G
  • Local News
  • Letters to the Editor

    Birds of a Feather... -- I do not believe politicians should buy votes by allowing people to live lives dependent on the government. No humane person wants to see poor people living hand-to-mouth existences, held in duress from their pol
  • Local News
  • Hydro-Power

    Alternative fuel is a hot item on the controversial road to making our cars go. Wars have been fought over oil, auto manufacturers are feeling the pressure of a new direction in propulsion systems and the consumer is left to sort it all o
  • Local News
  • Going for Gold

    Local wineries Robert Carl Cellars and Barrister Winery have recently gone bottle to bottle against some hefty competition from around the world and come out on top. Joe and Rebecca Gunselman own the boutique winery, Robert Karl Cellar
  • Local News
  • Three Women and a Bowl of Soup

    Cyrus O'Leary's 516 W. Main Ave. * 624-9000 When the days get colder and a girl's budget is as wafer-thin as a ginger snap, few things deliver more comfort for less green than a good ol' bowl of soup. Cyrus O'
  • Local News
  • Art for Everyone Else

    I've been thinking a lot about Rodney Dangerfield the last couple of days. Not that I was ever a big fan of the blustery, pop-eyed comedian, but his recent death at the age of 82 got me to thinking over his lengthy career and wondering if,
  • Local News
  • DVD Review

    Quick, what film won the Academy Award for best picture in 1990? GoodFellas, you say? Well, it should have won, but the correct answer is Dances With Wolves. Now that more than a decade has passed, it's easy to see what a travesty t
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  • Recently Reviewed

    Bonsai Bistro -- The Bonsai Bistro (housed in a renovated concrete building just across the street from the Coeur d'Alene resort) is a fun restaurant with a cool concept and pan-Asian foods that range from mild and comfortable to fiery a
  • Local News
  • Classical Rocks

    Eckart Preu disembarks from his mountain bike, unclips his pants leg, takes off his helmet and brushes back a sweaty mop of hair. Fabio Mechetti didn't arrive for interviews like this. Once we're inside Spokane Symphony HQ, a Symphony s
  • Local News
  • Strictly Ballroom

    This will probably be the only review of Shall We Dance? you read that doesn't compare it to the original Japanese version that was an art house hit in 1996. I didn't see the first film, so this will be a fresh take on the new, charming, Amer
  • Local News
  • Three Men and a Wiener

    Cap'n juicy's super duper Weenies 114 N. Howard St. * 455-6750 What's not to like about a hot dog vendor whose mascot is a chubby little guy in tights and a cape? Cap'n Juicy's is located just inside
  • Local News
  • Air Wars

    Congressional candidates Cathy McMorris and Don Barbieri faced each other for the first time last week, as Spokane's Rotary Club 21 hosted a debate. In keeping with the national state of politics today, the most heated topic of disc
  • Local News
  • Worship in Worley

    It started with a leaky roof, they say, along with chronic overcrowding, but now the parishioners at St. Michael's Catholic Church in Worley have a renovated place of worship beyond anything they hoped possible. They have real oak pews t
  • Local News
  • It's Delivery

    Ordering up a pizza for delivery over the phone has become a ritual at the very heart of modern American life. Pizza itself is so integral to our lifestyles that it warrants its very own section in the Yellow Pages. Yet as everyone knows,


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  • In Brief

    Blue-Green Dream Team -- SPOKANE -- Most people will tell you that labor and the environment tend to get along about as well as, say, the Yankees and the Red Sox -- with nothing but hard feelings on both sides. Spotted owls lay pink slips on
  • Opinion
  • Too Nice a Town?

    In case you haven't heard, there's a report out that's creating a discussion about economic development in Spokane. EWU Professor Shane Mahoney's study, "Culture and Economic Development in the Spokane Region," builds from the assumption
  • Opinion
  • Gang of Greens

    Remember when politics used to be unscripted and fun? David Cobb, presidential nominee of the Green Party, is having fun this year. "I find it exhilarating," he says, notwithstanding the likelihood he will finish behind even independent
  • Opinion
  • Dems Defend

    One of the poorest in the state, the 3rd Legislative District needs leaders able to tackle fiscal emergencies and represent people who are navigating complicated state-run agencies on a daily basis. The district has a long tradition of bei
  • Opinion
  • Life After Kate

    Big changes are on the horizon for Spokane County, with two of the three commissioners leaving. Todd Mielke and Linda Wolverton are competing to replace John Roskelley, while Bill Burke and Mark Richard would like Kate McCaslin's j


  • Sound Advice
  • 'Riot on an Empty Street,' Kings of Convenience

    Scotland's got Belle & amp; Sebastian, we've got Iron and Wine and (had) Elliott Smith. Norway, well, they've got the Kings of Convenience. They're a simple strumming and syncopating duo, made up of one guy named Erlend and another guy named
  • Sound Advice
  • Full-Timers

    They may be called the Side Project, but there's nothing all that "on the side" about this musical collaboration. Oh sure, the members all have day jobs to support their insatiable artistic habits (who aroun


  • Movie Reviews
  • The Road to Revolution

    If the handsome young Mexican actor Gael Garc & iacute;a Bernal goes any further into playing shy, awkward, slightly damp characters as they discover the world, somebody in Hollywood is going to have to revive the Revenge of the Nerds franchise.

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