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  • Apr 21-27, 2005
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    5.7 percent -- That's the most recent non-seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for Washington state; it's the lowest it's been in four years. Still, it's higher than the national average, which is 5.4 percent. In Spokane County, the une
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  • Meet the Wiggles

    They're four talented men with distinct, silly personalities, cute wardrobes, screaming fans and world-wide success. The Beatles? Nah, it's the Wiggles, the Fab Four for the preschool set. If you don't have a tot of your own, or watch the
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    The Globe Bar and Grill -- The Globe's pub grub is a cut above with a menu featuring French, Jamaican, Greek, American, Spanish and Italian dishes along with a good selection of good ol' Northwest microbrews. It's dark inside with a long
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  • Buzz Bin

    Interplayers' 25th Season -- Artistic Director Nike Imoru has announced the next set of projects for the downtown theater. The fall season, starting in September, will bring The Mystery of Irma Vep, a two-man, multiple-roles comedy in th
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    The Amityville Horror -- In the latest Amityville Horror, you get to see it all. Where chairs rocked and doors slammed unprovoked in the 1979 version, this Amityville reveals all -- blood, guts, bullets, axes, drowning, murder, possession
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  • Letters to the Editor

    Rest In Peace I just wanted to write you a letter today stating that you lost a brave hero on April 6, 2005. His name was Clint Prather, and he was a resident of Cheney. He was a brave, proud American. You should honor him with the bes
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  • Keeping it Safe

    Drivers are continually spending more and more time in their cars. As the time spent behind the wheel increases, so does the probability of the vehicle becoming a mobile base station for business, recreation or sometimes both. This also i
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  • One Proud Rooster

    Authentic Mexican food has been finding its way into Spokane for several years now, providing discerning diners here with welcome relief from the pale, Norte Americano approximations found locally at fast food joints and even at some sit-
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  • Book Review

    by Jeffrey Tayler by Joel Smith The wind blowing through the long-winded title of Jeffrey Tayler's travelogue (subtitled Through Muslim Black Africa by Truck, Bus, Boat and Camel) is the harmattan, a gusting, parching easterly wind that picks u
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  • DVD Review

    Vera Drake never made it to Spokane. And at first, watching this cozy little slice of working- class London life, I had to wonder why. Stout, aging Vera (Imelda Staunton) bustles through a typical day -- visiting shut-ins, dusting the furnit
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  • Boyz on the Hill

    Right now, House and Senate negotiators are trying to hammer out the differences in their competing budgets. Among the major bones of contention: disagreements over how deeply to cut Medicaid; whether to make President Bush's expirin
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  • Getting a Word In Wedgewise

    It's a high water mark for linguistics when a time-honored childhood practice is officially recognized by such an esteemed source as Webster's New World College Dictionary. The new edition -- which won't be in bookstores until May so you have pl
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  • Take Two

    When it comes to remakes, what was first implied is later shown on screen -- and that applies to most any kind of remake, whether it's horror, romance or kung fu. A sexy romance in the old days is remade into a lusty bedroom scene; shadowy
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  • TV News in the Dumps

    Angst and network news go together like -- oh, like Simon and Garfunkel, whose popularity peaked around the same time that Walter Cronkite was signing off with the comforting fiction "that's the way it is." For more than a quarter of a centu
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  • Only Connect

    No, this contact isn't the Jodie Foster movie about intergalactic messages and time-travel through wormholes. (For one thing, it's got a lower-case c.) This contact is Susan Stroman's "dance play" composed of three loosely linked, erotic,
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  • The Weighting Game

    "We've been a spoiled country for a long time. You know what the number one health risk in America is? Obesity. Obesity. They say we're in the middle of an 'obesity epidemic.' An epidemic, like it's polio. Like we'll be telling our grandki
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  • Evil's Puppets

    Two men stroll into a courtyard, their rapiers trailing behind them, so quiet you can hear the trickle of the plaza fountain. Director Nike Imoru's unhurried opening for Othello (at Interplayers through May 7) signals that this won't be o
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  • Opening Films

    The Interpreter -- Nicole Kidman is a UN interpreter who overhears a plot to assassinate a bad guy African leader. Sean Penn is the FBI agent who checks her out, isn't sure if she's telling the truth and eventually must protect her. The
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  • CD Reviews

    Aesop Rock Fast Cars, Danger, Fire and Knives FOUR STARS Aesop Rock is a lot of things, but one thing he's not is normal. Or mainstream. Or much like any other hip-hop MC, rapper or b-boy out there. He's one odd duck, and
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  • In Brief

    Review or Reject? SPOKANE -- It was widely reported earlier this month that Rep. Cathy McMorris would lead a congressional task force to "review" one of the nation's most fundamental environmental laws, leaving critics to won
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  • Putting the UN on Ignore

    What kind of Ambassador to the UN will John Bolton be? To the Bush Administration and a chorus of right-wing supporters, he is just what the doctor ordered: a blunt, no-nonsense defender of U.S. interests in a global den of iniquity. To his
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  • Hope for the Homeless

    Federal homeless expert Paul Carlson has good news for Spokane and its homeless people. Not only can housing be created for the homeless, but it can also provide the seed for further development of neglected neighborhoods. For the cit
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  • Sound Advice

    Toots Toots -- What Yo-Yo Ma is to cello, what Tito Puente was to Latin percussion, Toots Thielemans is to the harmonica. The Belgian-born musician has become the ultimate symbol of his instrument, at least in jazz and clas
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  • We Heart Earth Day

    Some of us are environmentalists because we have a real abiding love for the Earth and the sky and the animals therein. Or because we were raised by wolves. Or hippies. Or because we listened to too much Donovan growing up.

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  • Lethal Weapons

    With great power comes great responsibility." That may not be a snatch of dialogue as famous as "Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship." Or "Why do we have to have all these kids?" But every Spider-Man fan knows it,

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